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The Hobbit's Sexy, Sexy New Production Footage

The Hobbit's Sexy, Sexy New Production Footage

For all of your Masterminds who didn't make it to ComicCon, take a look at this awesome behind-the-scenes video of Peter Jackson, Ian McKellan, and the rest of the crew!

Our thoughts:

1. It was only for a second, but there did seem to be a shot of a pudgy dwarf wearing a barrel. That, plus the shots of the dwarves eating around the table in Bag End seem to suggest that we are going to be in for some serious laughs! They look a lot more "Snow White" than Gimli did... but we imagine that will change as they go on some harrowing adventures together.

2. We are going to see some SERIOUS Elven action. Look at that shot of an elf warrior somersaulting through the air while doing battle with goblins. LOOK AT IT! Remember those flashback shots in the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring where the Army of Middle Earth did battle with Sauron? That Elven army did some serious damage. It's one of the most iconic shots of the trilogy. But in the rest of the series, most of the action was definitely human and dwarf style: clashing, banging, hacking, yelling. The Hobbit takes place earlier, when Elves had a stronger presence in Middle Earth. This means we should get to see a BIG old can of Elf-Kwon-Do opened up on some goblin tail.

3. The City of Dale has a Moroccan, exotic theme to it. Does this remind anyone else of King's Landing from AGOT? Let's all pray for a Prince Joffrey cameo (ideally, they'll sacrifice him to Smaug).

4. The Goblin King should be a fun character to watch, as the actor playing him is renowned for wearing drag and playing someone named "Dame Edna." Here's a funny clip of him interviewing himself: What do you think?

5. Radagast! It looks like he'll be playing a bit of a quirkier wizard than we're used to. Which could be fun—Gandalf was serious-good-badass, Saruman was serious-bad-badass, and Radagast can be zany-good (and he'll probably end up being badass too). Also, its super exciting to see that Jackson and crew are taking Tolkien seriously! Radagast's real name is Aiwendil, which means "bird-friend" in Quenya. Those bird calls are a good way to honor the source material.

We're so excited for The Hobbit, we have to go to the bathroom.

What do you guys think? WHO IS EXCITED?!

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