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VIDEOS: Shatner vs. Wheaton Narrate the Curiosity Landing

VIDEOS: Shatner vs. Wheaton Narrate the Curiosity Landing

Oh, what Trek-tastic videos we found! In what has to be one of the nerdiest face-offs ever, Wil Wheaton and William Shatner provide dueling voiceover narrations on NASA-sponsored videos about Curiosity’s mission to Mars. You can check both of them out here:

Each video has the exact same script and visuals, and provides a brief description of Curiosity’s trip, landing, and overall mission to Mars, which is now successfully underway! The only difference between the videos is that they feature different narrators courtesy of Star Trek.

We love them both and are still trying to decide which one we like better. Shatner’s version is more stately, and his voice is rich and one-of-a-kind. He could give the blandest of dialogue flavor. His days narrating Rescue 911 do him no favors here, however. There are points when his voice becomes a forced whisper, and it comes off a tad melodramatic.

Wheaton’s narration is livelier, with a bit more energy and excitement. He clearly has a fondness for the material, and we love it when he makes appearances that showcase his fabulous geekness. It’s a no-brainer who we’d choose if we were going into battle (sorry Wesley, but you’re no cap’n!), but the quirks each actor bring to their narrations make it near impossible for us to pick a favorite.

Help us, Masterminds! Which NASA voice-over vid do you prefer? The benevolent ladies man James T. Kirk? Or the geeky-and-he-knows-it Wesley Crusher?

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