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NASA's New Space Suit Needs a Fashion Intervention

NASA's New Space Suit Needs a Fashion Intervention

Aspiring astronauts, watch out!  NASA recently revealed its prototype Z-1 spacesuit, the next generation of outerwear for any galactic destination. And according to the folks at Gizmodo, the suit looks like "a horrible, quasi-futuristic Ghostbusters and trash bag mash-up." Ouch. The chief fashion engineer for the space program probably cried himself to sleep after reading that one.

It got us thinking about some other NASA equipment that could use a makeover. And we don't just mean the moon, which, you have to admit, could use some Clearasil to take care of a few of those craters.

We can start with the space station kitchen.  It's a mess! Imagine what the folks at HGTV could do if they got in there. Do they really need all of those tubes and dials? Zero gravity doesn't have to mean zero glamour.

And maybe no one told the folks at Cape Canaveral, but orange is so 1970s. Why can't our rockets light up the sky with glow-in-the-dark fluorescent paint, or at least some colors a little brighter than the ones you see in a used car lot? Surely a coat of paint doesn't cost much, compared to the $450 million average cost per space mission.

You hear the words "space gloves" and you totally think of something cool, right? But in reality, they look like the things you wore to play in the snow when you were in elementary school. Shouldn't space gloves look more like, say, Michael Jackson's?

Finally, it's hard to expect great achievements in style when you're working inside of a plain white box. The Kennedy Space Center looks like someone forgot to paint it, and definitely forgot to get rid of the construction equipment that was used to build it. Is that a giant fan on the outside, or do they just have more cable television stations than anyone on Earth? At least put some stripes on the building, or maybe paint it to match the planet. Blue, green, swirls of white—that would be a space center worth visiting.

What would your fantasy space suit look like?

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