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Pop Singers Acting: Good? Bad? Depends?

Pop Singers Acting: Good? Bad? Depends?

Turns out Maroon 5 frontman and all-around-super-duper guy Adam Levine will join the cast of American Horror Story in Season 2. Surprising? Not really. It's more than normal for pop stars appear in TV shows.

In fact, the pop star crossing over into acting trend is as old as Elvis Presley. Stars like Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, George Strait, Queen Latifah, Madonna, Tim McGraw, and Justin Timberlake, among others, have switched from music to film with mixed success. More recently, Rihanna made her first film appearance in Battleship and Nicki Minaj was in Ice Age 4.

But just because everybody does it doesn't mean it's good. Some pop stars turn out to actually be great actors, but some seem to be there simply because their name will add whoomph to the movie in theaters. And then there's those singers who start thinking they're great actors and appearing in movie after movie, like Miley Cyrus.

The problem is that, unlike most actors out there, these stars aren't put on the movie necessarily for their acting skill, but for their name. This bothers us. What about all those kids who stand in line for eons just to try their hand at auditioning for a small part in a film? They worked a heck of a lot harder than these pop stars, and some of them are probably better actors.

Do you hate the idea of pop stars as actors, or could you care less? Have any pop stars done it well in your opinion?

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