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John Leguizamo Joins the Cast of Kick-Ass 2!

John Leguizamo Joins the Cast of Kick-Ass 2!

More news hit the web this week on the upcoming Kick-Ass 2 that should more than satisfy fans of the original. Seasoned actor and comedic powerhouse John Leguizamo has signed on to play the role of Javier, a bodyguard assigned to the evil Red Mist, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (reprising his role here from the original).

Leguizamo has long been one of the most respected character actors in Hollywood, and has worked with everyone from Spike Lee to Brian De Palma over the course of his wild career. He's also no stranger to geek fare, and although he's had a hand in two of the biggest cinematic nerd bombs of all time (Spawn and Super Mario Brothers), we forgive him for his past transgressions and think he's a stellar addition to the cast.

Word has it that all of the Kick-Ass cast is back for the second installment, including Nicholas Cage, who we are assuming will appear in a flashback cameo, given the untimely demise of his character in the first. In the humble opinion of this humble MindHut scribe, Kick-Ass is perhaps the most unsung geek masterpiece of the past five years. It had a disappointing show at the box-office, but proceeded to do great business on Blu-Ray and DVD, and its producers are banking that it's ever growing cult following will make the sequel into the hit the original deserved to be.

With talent like John Leguizamo on board, we bet fans and moviegoers alike will be rushing to the theaters to see this one come 2013!

Who else do you want to see join the cast of Kick-Ass 2?

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