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Grimm Season Two Premiere Recap: Bad Teeth

Grimm Season Two Premiere Recap: Bad Teeth

The first season of Grimm ended on a spectacular multi-part cliffhanger—the most shocking of all being the reveal that Nick’s mom was alive and well, despite both Nick and the audience being lead to believe she had died in a car accident long ago. This season’s opener answered a lot of questions Grimm fans had about last season, but like any well-scripted drama it also added a number of new questions to the unanswered pile. Although the majority of the episode is spent setting up this season’s arcs, the episode does take a few exposition-y scenes before getting down to action.

The episode opens with a brief introduction of the new villain. Two unlucky security guards stumble upon an open shipping container that holds a brutal and bloody scene—the cat-like creature’s first victims—only to find themselves moments later at the receiving end of his rather unpleasant bite. The next scene is a flashback to last season’s finale. We see the fight between Nick and Akira once more, but this time it’s from the perspective of Nick’s long lost mother, Kelly. Nick spends the majority of the episode dealing with the ramifications of Akira’s break-in, attempting to explain it to the police despite the very strange circumstances.

Meanwhile Rosalee and Monroe are back at the shop working on an antidote that will awaken Juliette from the coma she fell into at the end of last season. During their research they discover some critical information about the coma spell used on Juliette, and high tail it over to Nick’s. They arrive just in time to have a rather awkward first introduction to Kelly. Not realizing that this particular Bludbat is more friend than foe, Kelly does the Grimm thing and immediately attacks Monroe. Nick manages to stop his mother before she takes Monroe out, leading to easily the funniest moment in the episode. Monroe sympathizes with the awkwardness of family reunions, saying to Nick, “Family reunions can be brutal! Our last one we lost two cousins and a sheepdog. No one missed the cousins…”

We don’t see much of Nick’s partner Hank in this episode, but during this scene we discover that he definitely isn’t dealing well with his accidental encounter with a wolfed-out Monroe last season. It remains to be seen how this PTSD will affect him in the long run, but it doesn’t bode well for his mental stability when the audience sees him holed up in his apartment, a bottle of pills in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

Later in the episode, Captain Renard gets drawn deeper into the thick of things when he finds out Juliette was poisoned by Adalind. Believing that the loss of Juliette would cause Nick to quit the force and go rogue, Renard makes it his personal mission to cure Juliette. He pays Adalind’s mother a visit and makes it abundantly clear that if Juliette dies it will not be smooth sailing for anyone. Back at the shop, Rosalee and Monroe become suspicious when a Hexenbiest pays a visit and demands the exact ingredients for the cure that they are currently working on.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with a very tense hostage situation between Nick, the cat beast and some unlucky F.B.I. agents caught in the crossfire. This new villain is arguably the most dangerous and deadly that Nick has dealt with so far, and it will be interesting to see how he handles it. Although the episode had some slower moments, it’s an exciting first chapter in this season’s book of Grimm. We can’t wait to see where Grimm’s roller coaster of awesome takes the viewer this season. If it’s anything like last season, it’ll be one heck of a ride.

Episode Highlights

-Monroe and Rosalee's action-filled introduction to Kelly.

-The reveal regarding the mysterious key.

-Finding out more about Kelly and the origins of Nick’s Grimm trailer.

What was your favorite moment of the Season Two premiere?

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