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He-Man Comes to the Big Screen

He-Man Comes to the Big Screen

After three decades and counting, Masters of the Universe continues to be one of the most beloved old school cartoons and sought after toy lines, and yet fans have only had 1987's embarrassing schlock-fest Master's of the Universe: The Motion Picture to go to if they wanted to see He-Man kick some butt on film. Well, thankfully fans will soon have a better option, because Sony Pictures is in talks to resurrect that loin cloth wearing Prince of Eternia in a brand new big screen treatment!

Yes, the rumors are that Sony is in talks with Jon M. Chu, an experienced director with 3D. His most recent film is the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation, so he clearly knows a lot about bringing toy inspired action to life. In recent years, many unsuccessful attempts have been made to bring this franchise back, but perhaps Chu's involvement will finally bring MOTU to our cinemaplexes again, and give all the He Man fanboys the movie experience they've been craving.

As the project is barely in the works at this point, there's no word on who might be cast in the film's two key roles of He Man and Skeletor, but we'll keep you up to date as the story develops!

What old school cartoon do you want to see make it to the big screen?

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