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Rumor Alert! Will the Muppets Take Broadway?

Rumor Alert! Will the Muppets Take Broadway?

After a successful film adaptation last year, rumor has it the Muppets might make like their 1984 flick and take Manhattan—or maybe even come to a city near you! Buzz began swirling on the Internet when StitchKingdom reported that two conspicuous domain names, and, have both recently been registered.

The website said that while  “there is nothing in the actual registrations to tie them directly to Disney, we have reasons strong enough to report them as likely being legitimate.” That’s kind of a vague statement, especially considering they don’t list any of these reasons, and we haven’t found any confirmation of the Muppets taking Broadway—yet.

However, StitchKingdom IS one of the top sources of Disney news and spoilers, so this report isn’t without merit; it just isn’t official. The report also noted that IF the Muppets hit Broadway, they would most likely do a limited run, due to the difficulties involved (hiding the puppeteers, getting the original puppeteers associated with each character to participate, making the show as authentic as possible, etc.). The site mentioned that a nation wide tour could accompany the Broadway run.

The beloved franchise created by the late Jim Henson had a rebirth of sorts last year when Jason Segel’s The Muppets became a critical and commercial success. We’re not sure how this will play out, but we do know one thing: it would be beyond awesome to see the Swedish Chef cook something live, or to look over and see Statler and Waldorf heckling from the balcony!

What do you think, Masterminds? Would you be down with seeing the Muppets live?

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