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Wreck-It Ralph's Classic Video Game Character Cameos: Who's Who

Wreck-It Ralph's Classic Video Game Character Cameos: Who's Who

Anticipation for Disney's new comedy Wreck-It Ralph is growing, especially because of the hilarious support group scene in the trailer featuring the biggest video game villains of all time. There were almost too many cameos to take in the first time so—huge geeks that we are—we gave it a second look to try to identify every character in the group. So much for doctor/patient confidentiality!

We spotted...

- Bowser from Super Mario Bros. It's impossible not to notice the King of Koopas—he's constantly roaring and spiting fireballs, after all. Our question: will he be diagnosed with Possessive Personality Disorder? We know Peach is great and all, but seriously Bowser, you need to move on.

- Zangief from Street Figher, who isn’t much of a bad guy. He just fights to honor his country. Maybe that’s why his advice to Ralph is, “just because you are bad guy, does not mean you are bad guy.” Wise words, Sensei.

- M. Bison from Street Fighter, however, will be remembered as one of the toughest final bosses in the entire franchise. Maybe he and Zangief carpool to therapy together?

- Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog, who throws temper tantrums whenever his robotic warriors are overcome by Sonic and his gang of altruistic hogs. Let's hope he's walking out of there with a Klonopin prescription. That dude needs to chill out!

- Neff from Altered Beast, a Demon God from the Underworld who kidnapped Athena, daughter of Zeus. He has the ability to become the giant rhinoceros shown in the trailer. If those cheap folding chairs can support him, we guess group therapy can, too.

- Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons, a green, floating orb with a single, large eye and magical powers. Personally, we’re just wondering how he claps for everyone else since he has no hands. Tele-clap-nesis?

- Kano and Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat. As cunning as he is merciless, Kano must wear a metal-face plate after being scarred by Jax Briggs. Noob Saibot was actually a hidden character later revealed to be the original Sub-Zero. The support group will be just the thing to melt his icy heart.

- Clyde from Pac-Man. As the ghosts from Pac-Man have names and personalities, it’s nice to see some recognition coming their way. It’s your time to shine, Clyde!

- Medusa from Kid Icarus, the Goddess of Darkness who gathered an army from the Underworld to take down her enemies. She also made a cameo in the first Legend of Zelda game as the flying “Medusa Head” boss. Let's hope she gets over her anger issues.

- The zombie could be from any number of horror-survival games, but the twin axes in his hands has us leaning towards House of the Dead. They have some strong arms and good aim for a bunch of dead guys!

- Q*Bert doesn’t need the support group, but he could do with a few speech lessons. Seen briefly in the trailer, he is a classic arcade character who delights in changing the color of pyramid blocks by jumping on them. Hey, everyone has to have a hobby!

We hope Wreck-It Ralph does for video game characters what Who Framed Roger Rabbit? did for cartoon characters. It might be difficult considering so many well-known icons are owned by so many different companies. However, that makes it all the more inspiring to see the paperwork pushed aside with the goal of creating a unique and memorable film.

Here’s also hoping for a Donkey Kong cameo (don't forget he started his career as a bad guy!), an appearance by Dr. Wily (arch-nemesis of Megaman), and a good old-fashioned Space Invader.

What video game cameos would you like to see? Crash Bandicoot? Sonic the Hedgehog? Gandoorf?

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