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Daredevil to Hit the Big Screen Again. Probably Won't Stink This Time!

 Daredevil to Hit the Big Screen Again. Probably Won't Stink This Time!

Huge news fans of blind dudes-in-tights dispensing butt-kickings (and who's not a fan of that?): Variety reports that veteran action film director Joe Carnahan is in talks to helm a reboot of Daredevil, the Marvel comics based character that spawned the face-palm inducing, Ben Affleck vehicle in 2003.

Carnahan scored recent critical success with the Liam Neeson movie The Grey (wolf-punching for the win!) but first hit the scene nearly a decade ago with the slick and gritty cop drama Narc. Since then, the bulk of his work has had a distinctively intense edge, and this is precisely what most people agree Daredevil needs to avoid the cheesy pitfalls of the original.

The character of Daredevil is Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and an acrobatic, vigilante-avenger by night, who operates out of New York's crime infested Hell's Kitchen. Carnahan has described his vision for the project as a "Frank Milleresque, hardcore 70's thriller." Which is perfect, because fans of the comic know that the 70's were the series heyday, as the crime level in the Big Apple at the time was so out of hand that the city really could have used a super-hero like Daredevil to keep things in line.

Fox currently owns the rights to Daredevil, but only if they put it into production by October 10th. Apparently, though, Marvel is offering an extension to Fox in exchange for the use of some of its own characters that Fox currently owns, specifically the massive, planet eating nemesis Galactus and the ridiculously cool Silver Surfer. Here's the scoop according to Variety:

We pray that this deal goes through as Silver Surfer and Galactus are truly awesome characters that, like DareDevil, haven't gotten a fair shake in terms of a big screen treatment. Either way, the idea of Carnahan in the director's chair for Daredevil really has us psyched. Let's just keep Affleck as far away from this project as possible.

What other Daredevil villains would you like to see in this movie?

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