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An Avengers TV Show Sans Avengers? Sounds Good!

An Avengers TV Show Sans Avengers? Sounds Good!

“Well, they’ve finally lost it!” “What is The MindHut thinking?!” “Last time I visit this site!” We’re going out on a limb here and guessing that’s what you Masterminds were thinking upon reading the title of this article. News that The Avengers would have a spin-off television series minus Earth’s mightiest left the nerd community scratching their addled melons in confusion, quick to label the very notion a wasted effort on Marvel’s part. With no Avengers, no Thanos and certainly no Agent Coulson, why should we be impressed? Read on, true believers, to find out!

World Building

A television series that takes place within the continuity of The Avengers is going to provide Marvel Studios with an amazing opportunity for world building—something that just isn’t feasible with the blockbuster films featuring the Avengers team and the individual heroes that encompass the group, as it would remove focus on more pertinent story elements. Since the release of Iron Man, we all knew that Marvel was working to create a one-of-a-kind experience with their franchises on a grand scale, going beyond what was done in the Spider-Man and the X-Men film trilogies. Essentially, they’re trying to emulate the same level of character and location diversity seen in the comics in live-action form; create a world that is multi-faceted and vibrant.

More Heroes...

Not many people may have read an Avengers comic or graphic novel prior to the film’s release. As such, a few were quick to assume that Captain America, Thor, and the rest of those on-screen were the only heroes to have ever been Avengers. On the contrary, the Avengers roster—in the comics at least—was and remains a veritable revolving door of team members leaving with new ones taking their place constantly. Not to mention offshoots such as the West Coast Avengers and New Avengers. You couldn’t possibly fit so many heroes into one film, but a weekly television series could easily handle such a burden.

...and Villains

For every hero there is a villain, and the Avengers have those in spades! We’ve already seen Loki and, in a fashion, Thanos, but have you heard of the Wrecking Crew? How about Ultron? Count Nefaria and the Maggia crime syndicate? Probably not, but that’s where an Avengers TV series could act as a vehicle for showcasing more street-level opposition while the movies handle the looming threats residing among the stars or realms mankind could only dream of (anything less doesn’t sell tickets at the box office, y’know?). And like the heroes, an obscure villain that was once recognized only by the most devoted of comic book fans could became an overnight sensation.

Location, Location, Location

The sky’s pretty much the limit (literally and figuratively) when it comes to places the show will take both its characters and audience every week. Those with a keen eye may have already seen the African nation of Wakanda appear on an on-screen map during Iron Man 2, home to the Avenger Black Panther and stage for many a super-powered conflict in the comics. Among other destinations, you can bet good money that another exotic locale to make its live action debut will be the Savage Land—where majestic herds of dinosaurs roam free like buffalo. And who wouldn’t want that?

Fear not, Masterminds, Marvel would never dream of leaving their ever-growing community of fans disappointed. Their mantra has always been go big or go home, and although the screen may be small, the House of Ideas is certainly thinking big when it comes to televised fare. Until more official word comes down the pipeline, all we can do is dream about what will surely be the greatest super hero-oriented television series in history!

What do you think will be shown on an Avengers TV series?

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