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You Say You Want an ALF Movie? No Problem!

You Say You Want an ALF Movie? No Problem!

After a twenty-two year hiatus from television, Sony executives decided this week that everyone's favorite cat-eating alien from Melmac is going to hit the big screen. For those of you who are unaware of just who and what the heck we're talking about, Alf was a popular sitcom of the 80's, featuring a wise-cracking furry alien that kind of looked like a cross between a German Shepherd and an Ewok. Although the show only lasted four seasons, it was a huge pop culture phenomenon and even spawned it's own Saturday morning cartoon series.

So why, after all these years, is Alf finally getting a big screen treatment? Well, call it a hunch, but we think it's in no small part due to the box office success of Seth McFarlane's Ted, which shows that there is clearly a demand to see more short, furry, creatures with foul mouths in the movies.

The show's creator, Paul Fusco, has also been a tireless promoter of Alf over the years, finding guest spots for him on everything from Best Week Ever to The O'Reilly Factor—wait, Alf was on The O'Reilly Factor??? Weird!

Recently Fusco had this to say:

"Alf could be more outspoken now than ever, because the world is a whole different place than the ’80s. And I think the character still stands up and certainly has more to say now than ever. I think we would approach it in a fresh way. I don’t think we would duplicate the TV show, but I think we would maybe put it in a storyline where we would explain how Alf got here and put him with a new family, and let the character speak for himself.” (Via Screen Rant)

So does this mean that Gordon Shumway (AKA Alf) might be even more of a wild card than he was in the 80s? Without the restrictions of evening television, we may see a bawdier Alf than ever before. Knowing that Fusco is on board, though, is a great thing, because we guess that with his involvement regardless of the changes, the heart will still be there.

What vintage characters would you like to see come back in a movie today?

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