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The 5 Geekiest Bands In the Known Universe!

The 5 Geekiest Bands In the Known Universe!

The Rock world can often be intimidating to the average geek. Mohawks, spandex and make up are not to be found in the average geek's wardrobe, except for perhaps when they're dabbling in Cosplay. Smashing in an amplifier with an electric guitar? Forget about it. A geek would much rather take it apart and study its circuit design. That being said, the worlds of rock and geek collide more often than you might think, and to prove it, we've amassed this list of the Five Geekiest Bands in the known universe!!!!!

1. Weezer -

Weezer is the quintessential geek-band, and a group to which the entire geek community owes a debt of gratitude. When Weezer exploded onto the scene in the mid 90's, geekery was not as celebrated as it is today, and it was the Weezer's refusal to be anything but themselves that set them apart from all of the cookie-cutter grunge acts (anybody remember Candlebox?) of the day. Since Weezer's success, the music world has embraced geek fronted bands, and frontman Rivers Cuomo singlehandedly made the thick-rimmed "Buddy Holly" glasses cool again. Lest you doubt the geek power of this band, gaze upon this lyric: "I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide/I've got a Twelve Sided Die/I've got Kitty Pryde/and NightCrawler too/waiting there for me, yes I do." Yes, the geek-force is strong with this one, indeed!

Most essential audial geek offering: The Blue Album.

2. Devo -

The Mark Motherbaugh fronted Devo isn't just one of the geekiest bands of all time, they're also one of the strangest. This red-plastic hat wearing troop of musical nerds formed in the early 80's and with the help of producers Brian Eno and David Bowie, created their groundbreaking new-wave synth pop sound that was light years from anything else out at the time. It was with the advent of MTV, though, that the band became a household name, as their highly visual performance style made for truly memorable music videos, leading to everyone from Weird Al Yankovic to the 80's comedy Revenge of the Nerds paying respect to their style.

Most essential audial geek offering: Question: Are We Not Men? Answer: We Are Devo!

3. The Ramones -

Ok, yes, they've all got long, stringy hair, tattoos and defiantly wear sunglasses whether or not the lighting is appropriate, but this band of misfits out of Queens, NY were definitely hardcore geeks. The band formed in 1973, and their meeting was cosmic, because they were all such weirdos that no other bands would take them. Musically, they achieved a formula based on taking the old rock classic acts like the Beatles and the Kinks, and played them louder and faster. This simple formula became the blueprint for Punk Rock, but it wasn't just their sound but their lyrics' subject matter that made the Ramones who they truly were. With songs that celebrated everything from circus freaks to comic book heroes, these guys were probably the first major musical geek act that knew it and made no bones about it. We can't recommend their albums highly enough, but be warned, they are addictive!

Most essential audial geek offering: Rocket To Russia

4. They Might Be Giants -

They Might Be Giants is a band so geeky that it's a wonder they ever picked up a guitar in the first place (instead of beakers and bunsen burners). Over the past few decades, this duo out of Lincoln, Massachusetts carved a unique place for themselves in the world of alternative rock by writing catchy and quirky pop songs. By the mid 90's, this band really came into their own as their distinctive brand of musical kitsch was used for theme music in such popular geek-driven shows as HigglyTown Heroes, Dexter's Laboratory, and of course Malcolm in The Middle. The duo is still going strong and alternates between wildly successful children's music releases and records that still deliver the classic TMBG sound.

Most essential audial geek offering: Flood

5. The Beach Boys -

Those that have a surface knowledge of the Beach Boys may be mildly surprised to see these guys on our list, but trust us, they are the epitome of geekyness. Although this five man surf-rock outfit may primarily sing about beach parties and girls, the point of view of their chief singer/songwriter Brian Wilson is unmistakably geeky. Take the lyrics of In My Room, for instance: "There's a world where I can go/And tell my secrets to/In my room." Here we get a glimpse into Wilson's private thoughts and see that like so many geeks, his room was a place of refuge away from the pressures of the everyday. And this reclusive streak (found in so many geeks) is something that Wilson has embraced throughout his career. He even spent the majority of his thirties composing music in a sand-box. That's kinda weird, but you also have to admit, pretty geeky!

Most essential audial geek offering: Pet Sounds

Did we miss any?

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