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True Blood Recap: The Chosen Ones

True Blood Recap: The Chosen Ones

This week’s True Blood was the most action packed ep. in awhile! Pam gets arrested, we meet a fairy elder, and Sam is put on Bill’s menu. Here’s what happened:

Bill, prowling headquarters, hears Lilith calling him. She appears in all her nekked bloodiness and says he has been chosen. She tells him to drink all of her blood, but he refuses. Later, he comes across another Authority member who announces Lilith has chosen him to lead the vamps. Bill disagrees, and kills him immediately. Later, Lilith appears to Salome and chooses her, so things are bound to get confusing!

Nora, however, has had a change of heart. Salome senses this and asks what’s wrong. When Nora says she’s worried about the loosed and loony Russell, Salome’s response is ridiculous: “Russell is inconsequential. He’s nothing,” noting he wasn’t part of Lilith’s plan. Um, OK, but, a) didn’t you free Russell so he would kill Roman, allowing you to carry out Lilith’s plan, Salome? And b) How can you call a 3,000 year old vampire inconsequential? He’s an uncontrollable, unpredictable force—that’s like saying a typhoon won’t affect a little league game!

Jessica asks Bill to use the phone—she has to warn Jason and Sook about Russell. Bill refuses, saying humans are trivial, and he no longer worries about them. Jess panics, and says she could turn Jason. Bill calls her bluff. He tells her it might be good to “bolster the Compton bloodlines,” and sends two guards with her to Bon Temps to watch her turn Jason.

A general from the U.S. military visits Authority headquarters. He knows they’re responsible for bombing the Tru Blood factories, and he wants to see Roman. The general mentions that the government is considering eradicating vamps—they’re already prepped for a vampire uprising, and they have weapons no one knows about. Then, he pulls out a flash drive that contains footage of Russell and Newlin’s Greek massacre and threatens to make it go viral.

Eric snaps his neck in two swift hand motions, and volunteers to go on a glamouring campaign to erase these anti-vamp sentiments. Nora joins him, and Bill sends guards with them, because he’s a total jerkus now. But Eric stakes those guards at a red light, and he and Nora set off for somewhere—we assume Sookie’s.

Back in Bon Temps, Jess finds Jason, and tells him to play along—then bites him. The next shot is of them getting buried, but Jason isn’t dead. He shoots Jess’s guards with wooden bullets, then goes off to warn Sook. Jessica seeks refuge at Fangtasia.

Pam hides Jessica in exchange for info about Eric and the Authority. After hearing the details, Pam tells them that when vamps live in close quarters and drink the same blood, they exhibit “nesting behavior,” and get crazier than crazy. When Pam leaves, Jess can see that Tara likes her maker, but does she like her like her? It’ll never happen, Tara says, which means it probably will! Later, Rosalyn, the red-haired Authority member, shows up. She accuses Tara of killing the sheriff, who was also her progeny, but Pam confesses and gets arrested. Rosalyn then sees Jessica and takes her back to Bill, who is abusive towards Jess for the first time.

In the fae club, Sook meets the fairy elder, who is one of the weirdest and most unnecessary True Blood characters ever! She comes with a disclaimer: she has been around so long, has assumed so many shapes, and operates at so many frequencies (?!) that she gets easily confused. The first words out of her mouth are: “Ke$ha: for, or against?” She has the attention span of a toddler, dancing around the room, before telling Sook: “A dark time is coming... hold on to your light.” Then, bam! Right into manic twirling and dancing again.

Her character was over-the-top ridiculous, and annoying because she didn’t respond to any of Sook’s questions—but when Jason entered screaming about Russell, THAT got her attention, and she looked freaked. She banded the fae together, saying they must fight Russell.

Andy gets confronted by the now pregnant fae Maurella, who wants him to protect her now that Russell is loosed. But he just promised Holly and her boys he would be there for them. To ignore their light exchange is “an act of war,” she says. Say what? Do the fae really need to be worrying about Andy Bellefleur atm?

Elsewhere, Alcide and his former packmaster father join the fight when they protect neighbors from baby vamps. Sam and Luna find Emma, but get caught and thrown in cages with other random people/vampire snacks. Upon hearing Chancellor Compton is hungry, Sam volunteers to go.

Russell shows up at Sookie’s, where Jason is standing guard. Russell glamours him, and Jason takes him and Newlin to the fairy field. There, the fae elder tosses Newlin aside and accidentally light-blasts Jason before Russell attacks, and sucks the life/blood out of her. Energized, Russell sets his sights on the fae club, which just became visible for the first time!

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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