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Alternate Villains Hinted At In The Dark Knight Trilogy

Alternate Villains Hinted At In The Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan give us the greatest Batman trilogy ever, but get this: he also had the foresight to set up a number of alternate Bat-rogues. Let’s take a look at the Batman baddies that-never-were-but-might-have-been in this list of the villains hinted at in the Dark Knight Trilogy!

Rachel Dawes as Two-Face

When Batman Begins was released, many fans were confused by the choice to give so many of Harvey Dent’s characteristics to the newly created character Rachel Dawes. For example, Harvey and Bruce were always childhood friends, a relationship that was instead applied to Rachel. As District Attorney, Rachel even had the same career as Harvey. Could Nolan have left open the possibility of having a female Two-Face? Maybe he flipped a coin.

Victor Zsasz

Zsasz is a dangerous serial killer who carves tally marks into his skin with each new victim. He’s mentioned by name in the courtroom scene in Batman Begins but we get solid confirmation later. Once Ra’s Al Ghul frees all the inmates of Arkham, Zsasz can be seen stepping out of his cell…with fifteen tally marks carved into his neck. Spooky.

Maroni as The Penguin

Remember Batman dropping the gangster Maroni from a second-story balcony in The Dark Knight? The fall broke his ankles, so in later scenes Maroni walked with a pronounced limp. Hmm, a waddling mob boss with a hatred for the Batman? While Two-Face’s rampage through Gotham City seemed to take Maroni out of the picture, we can’t help but feel we witnessed the origin on Nolan’s version of the Penguin.

Coleman Reese as The Riddler

"Let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands and your plan is to...blackmail this person? Good luck!" So says Lucius Fox to accountant Coleman Reese, after his attempt to sell his silence on Wayne's secret identity. The accountant is then constantly referred to as ‘Mr. Reese,’ a homophone for ‘mysteries.’ Why, that's an alias for Gotham’s self-proclaimed Prince of Puzzles, The Riddler! Coleman Reese clearly has no objection to crime, and who better to hold a grudge against than Bruce Wayne?

Even More?

Several other possibilities are hinted at in the trilogy, including the Bank Manager from the opening of The Dark Knight. William Fichtner is too good of an actor for such a small role and the Joker seems to appreciate the manager’s own shotgun-wielding form of anarchy. He leaves him alive to breathe in a mysterious green toxin while reminding him “whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you… stranger.”

In The Dark Knight Rises, several police officers dismiss Gordon’s claims of Bane’s sewer gang, asking if he happened to see any giant alligators, too. Could this be a hinting at an appearance by Killer Croc? Could the city’s sudden blanket of snow be caused by Mr. Freeze? Could Victor Zsasz return? Joseph Gordon-Levitt has to have someone to fight, right?

Which villain do you think John Blake will have to take on first?

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