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Grimm Season Two Episode Recap: "The Kiss"

Grimm Season Two Episode Recap: "The Kiss"

After last week's explosive Season 2 premiere, you'd think the audience would be given a few moments to catch our breath, but apparently there's no letting up in Season 2.

The episode opens with Nick and his mom, Kelly, in the middle of an intense battle with Mauvais Dentes, the sabre cat villain who has already ripped apart two very unlucky FBI agents. Kelly manages to get the jump on the cat, stabbing him in the neck. He leaps up onto a high shelf to escape, but the damage is already done. Mr Evil Teeth falls to the floor of the warehouse, mortally wounded. At the hospital, Monroe and Rosalee are waiting on Nick to show up so they can administer the cure to Juliette. With the potion only effective for a very small window of time and Nick nowhere to be found, they're both left wondering what could be more important to him than helping to cure Juliette.

The FBI are at the warehouse investigating the aftermath of the fight. They find two of their agents dead, along with one of the dead agent's cell phones. When one of the investigating FBI officers dial the last number called, Nick answers, unwittingly putting himself on the suspect list. Nick finally gets to the hospital to help Monroe and Rosalee administer Juliette's cure. The gang's plan is nearly thwarted by an overly aggressive doctor, but Kelly and Monroe are able to distract him long enough to get the job done.

Back at police headquarters FBI agents question Nick about a call one of the dead agents made to Nick right before she was killed. They demand a DNA swab from Nick, who obliges, saying he has nothing to hide. However, Captain Renard takes offence at their heavy-handed tactics in his precinct and tells them to scram pronto. Later in the parking garage, Hank indicates he knows there's weird stuff going down with Nick, and says that he trusts him but asks that he won't bring him down in the process.

Renard places a call to the creepy castle-owning stranger we saw in the previous episode. It's revealed the stranger is the Renard's brother and he makes it clear he doesn't care for the Captain's cautious ways. Later in the episode, Renard visits Adalind's mom, Catherine. She informs Renard that the real cure for Juliette is not a cure but rather a purification process. In order for Juliette to be cured completely, the person who cures her must be pure of heart. Kelly shows up at Catherine's house just as Renard drives off. The two moms have words, and Catherine tells Kelly that there is a Grimmverse prince right here in Portland who could cure Juliette. Kelly demands to know his identity, but Catherine tells her she'll have to earn it "the hard way". An epic fight ensues, but Kelly fails to find out the prince's exact identity.

Renard drinks Catherine's potion with disturbing results. The most disturbing of all is the Captain's near-perfect reenactment of The Incredible Hulk's presto change-o routine. It appears brutal to become pure of heart, especially when you're a Grimmverse prince masquerading as a Portland police chief. Having completed the purification process, Renard arrives at the hospital and kisses Juliette, who instantly awakens. Renard high tails it out of the room just in time for Nick to step out of the elevator. Nick rushes up to Juliette and kisses her, relieved that she is awake. Juliette pulls away from Nick and says to him, wide-eyed, "Who are you?"

Episode Highlights

-Monroe and Kelly grudgingly teaming up for the greater good.

-Kelly and Catherine's fight to the death.

-Captain Renard's epic, Hulk-like reaction to the purification process.

-Juliette awakening from the coma.

Will Juliette be able to remember Nick? Do you think Kelly will return to Portland?

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