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Everyday Uses For Awesome Superpowers

Everyday Uses For Awesome Superpowers

With great power, comes great responsibility. But sometimes that responsibility can be studying for a test or cleaning the attic. Sure, you could spend your nights fighting crime but during the day, you may as well make life a little easier for yourself. Below you’ll find plenty of tips for using awesome superpowers for everyday tasks.

Flight. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… just you going to work. With this power, you can leave your bus pass at home and do the environment a favor by using the skyway highway. But be careful not to brag too much to your friends. They might start asking you for lifts. After that, you’ll be carpooling (flypooling?) with them to the mall every weekend.

X-Ray Vision. A nasty super villain just ran into that old warehouse to hide, but you just scan the building and find him easily. Later, why not use the same superpower to find that smelly thing in the back of the fridge? Bonus: X-ray vision is very impressive on a med school application.

Super Strength. There’s an emergency over at your friend's place! Robbery? Fire? No, he just needs some help moving a couch up a flight of stairs. Possessing super strength means you’ll be the one to call whenever there’s heavy lifting to be done. On the plus side, you will be the center of attention anytime you go to the gym. Doing reps with a treadmill is a show-stealer.

Heat Vision. Take a break from welding that sinking ship’s hull and throw a BBQ in your backyard. Who needs a grill when you can have anything sizzling hot by staring at it for a few seconds? Folks will be lining up to taste your “eye-cooked” burgers. Ok, we'll brainstorm some other names if you insist.

Time Freezing. Running late for a job interview? Forgot to study for a test? This power is like a pause button for the universe. Take however long you need to prepare for the next moment. This is especially useful when a teacher randomly calls on you in class or when you really want to plan the right zinger.

Super Speed. Who needs to freeze time when you’re super fast? Your chores: finished in seconds. You’ll never be late for anything again. You could become famous for owning the fastest delivery service in the city. Just remember to tie your shoelaces or else you could trip and end up in a neighboring state.

Invisibility. Sneaking into the bad guy’s lair is fun and all, but we’d rather use this power to sneak into concerts and movies! Better make sure it’s not too crowded though, otherwise you might get sat on. Also: very useful for hide and seek.

What super power would you want to use in everyday life?

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