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The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN: Who Do You Think Would Win?

The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN: Who Do You Think Would Win?

This is big, Masterminds. We've managed to convince the toughest heroes, warriors, and rogues in the science fiction and fantasy universe to fight for dominance in an all-or-nothing battle bracket. The tournament will consist of 16 characters, and 8 battles, and you the readers shall decide the outcome of each battle by voting in the comments.

BUT WAIT! There's even more awesomeness. Sure, we have a barn full of tough-as-nails men, women, and Klingons waiting for their time in the ring, but we want to know who YOU want to see featured in this bracket. Nominate your favorite scifi/fantasy characters in the comments along with your vote, and we'll have our people talk to their people.

Now let the games begin!


Obi-Wan Stats:

Species: Human.

Strengths: Patience, wisdom, expert lightsaber skills, and mastery of the Force. Epic beard-growing abilities.

Weaknesses: Mercy. The dude has a massive soft spot, even for his own enemies.

Personal Beliefs: Jedi all the way, baby. Trust your instincts and don't turn to the Dark Side. And hey, what happens in Mos Eisley stays in Mos Eisley.

Aliases: Ben Kenobi; That Old Fossil.

Quote: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Terminator Stats:

Species: Robot, Model T-800.

Strengths: Advanced computer intelligence, ability to mimic human voices, resourceful with weapons. Oh, and he's also virtually indestructible.

Weaknesses: Molten steel, vices, and catching compassion from humans like it's a virus.

Personal Beliefs: Kill the Connors. No wait, protect the Connors!

Aliases: T-101; T-850; Nate.

Quote: "I'll be back."

Which Force is more powerful—the time-traveling terror's or the gallant guardian of the galaxy's?

Who gets YOUR vote? And who do you want to see battle it out next?

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