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Watch This Unintentionally Funny "Asylum of the Daleks" Teaser Trailer

Watch This Unintentionally Funny "Asylum of the Daleks" Teaser Trailer

Dr. Who’s greatest and perennial nemeses, the Daleks, have always been a bizarre lot, even in light of Doc W’s entire pandimensional rogues gallery. While they are indeed a murderous race of diminutive octopus-like creatures with a massive chip on their shoulders, the Daleks’ staccato and shrill voices have always made them skate along that fine line of being terrifying and, forgive us, Masterminds, kind of funny. As such, we couldn’t help but bite the sides of our cheeks when we watched the Dr. Who series seven teaser for “Asylum of the Daleks.”

Just to clarify, we are Whovians, through and through and couldn’t be anymore excited for series seven come September 1st—even though it is uncomfortably close to the start of the new school year, but we digress.

It looks like “Asylum of the Daleks” is going to reveal yet another massive flaw in the species, aside from their being devoid of love and compassion: courtesy. The courtesy to let one finish speaking before they do. And the fact that the collective chattering from the council of Daleks sounds like thousands of people yelling through those abysmal fast food drive-thru speakers at once isn’t doing much to improve their image.

While it wouldn’t exactly make for great storytelling, we feel that the best thing Doctor Who could do in this situation, after listening to the Daleks’ grating pleas for his assistance, is simply answer no, walk away unopposed, leave the Daleks in awkward silence, and immediately cut to the ending credits. Now that would be a great start for the series—and introduce audiences to a new, no-nonsense Doctor!

Will you be watching the seventh series of Doctor Who?

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