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Sci-Fi Stars We'd Love to See on Sitcoms!

Sci-Fi Stars We'd Love to See on Sitcoms!

It’s almost fall TV time, Masterminds! We recently learned that sci-fi fave Lucy Lawless is slated to guest star on Parks and Recreation this fall, and that got us thinking—many of our geeky heroes in the sci-fi genre have demonstrated some serious comedic chops (Katee Sackhoff, Leonard Nemoy, and Wil Wheaton have all guest-starred on The Big Bang Theory alone). So we decided to make a list of a few other sci-fi standouts we’d love to see drop by on some of our favorite sitcoms. Here’s what we came up with:

Edward James Olmos on The Office

The fellow who created Admiral Adama is best known for his stern dramatic turns (see: Dexter, American Me) which is why we’d love to see him bust out the funny stick. It will be the final season of The Office this year, which means it’s ripe for guest stars. We think EJO would kill as a Dunder Mifflin higher-up—he’s someone who could actually intimidate and control Dwight and make both Phyllis and Meredith swoon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on How I Met Your Mother

Anyone who has seen her in Buffy knows Ms. Gellar has stellar comedic timing, so how bout a reunion with Buffy’s bff Willow on Alyson Hannigan’s current show? SMG could play one of Lily’s old college friends who flirts with perpetually single Ted and causes chaos amongst the group. Quite frankly, we don’t care who she’d play—this is one reunion we’re dying to see! Come to HIMYM, SMG!

William Shatner on Archer

One smart aleck deserves another, which is why we think it would be a blast to watch Captain Kirk go toe to toe with superspy Sterling Archer on FX’s animated comedy. Shatner would make an awesome nemesis of the ISIS crew, or, better yet, he could woo Archer’s mom Malory and make her forget all about her ex, Burt Reynolds. Either way, we know Shatner would kill on this show! Maybe even literally!

Lena Headey on 30 Rock

Peter Dinklage rocked 30 Rock a few years back as Liz Lemon’s perfect (but just a tad too vertically challenged) love interest, and we think his TV sister would do the same. The feisty Headey would be great as a newly-single Jack’s potential mate/sparring partner, and we think she’d be the perfect nemesis for ultra-nerd Liz Lemon. We see her as a rival studio head who comes to TGS to poach their talent and cause chaos!

John Noble on New Girl

This star of Fringe and the Lord of the Rings trilogy might just be the funniest person on this list. Whether discussing “cis-acting meiotic double-strand break hot spots,” or overdosing on red twists, as Walter Bishop on Fringe, Noble brings humor to every scene he has. We think he’d be bomb as the New Girl gang’s new super or landlord, or maybe even as Nick’s odd uncle who comes to visit.

Mark Hamill on Community

This won’t happen, of course, because Community will only air for 13 more episodes (without uber-brill series creator Dan Harmon at the helm) before leaving us forever, but in a perfect world, wouldn’t it be great if Luke Skywalker was Jeff’s long-lost father? In last season’s finale, Mr. Winger was setting out to get in touch with his biological pop, and we think a “Jeff... I am your father,” moment would mesh perfectly with Community’s pop culture-powered episodes. And imaging the potential greatness of the Abed scenes!

Nathan Fillion to host Saturday Night Live

We know, it’s not a sitcom, but we think Captain Mal’s outstanding comedic timing would be put to good use on SNL, especially since the sketch show will be losing standouts Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg this season. SNL had some lackluster hosts last season, and we know the multi-talented Fillion would bring it.

Which sci-fi stars would you like to see cross over into the comedic universe?

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