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Meet Some of The NFL's Geekiest Players!

Meet Some of The NFL's Geekiest Players!

The NFL’s regular season is set to begin soon, so we decided to celebrate it, Mindhut style—by paying tribute to some of the sport’s geekiest guys. Here’s a list of the most geek-friendly football players playing in the NFL today:

Lance Briggs, Chicago Bears Linebacker

Briggs, a perennial All-Pro, might be the biggest comic book fan in the NFL. He has a geek-friendly social networking website devoted not to football, but to his love of comic books. Briggs also recently wrote his first comic, Seraph, which featured artwork by renowned artist Phil Hester. Briggs has said that he plans to open a comic book store when he retires from football in a few years, which sounds like a pretty sweet post NFL pastime!

Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings Punter

His Twitter handle is @ChrisWarcraft. He has autographed Dr. Who blue-rays and handed them out to random fans. He has copped to playing video games “five or six hours a day.” He is Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, and he is the NFL’s most notorious geek. Kluwe grew up playing D&D, and hasn’t turned back since. It only takes one look at his Twitter page to see all of his geeky eclectic interests on display!

Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback

Smith graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a 3.72 GPA—which he did in only two years! In fact, Smith had already begun work on his master’s degree before he was drafted by the 49ers. Smith has said in numerous interviews that he is an avid reader, and is chock full of random useless factoids. He has mentioned he might pursue a law degree once his playing days are up.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts Quarterback

This rookie was the top pick in the NFL draft this past spring. He was also one of its smartest, graduating from Stanford with a degree in artichitectural design with a 3.48 GPA. Luck, who called himself a nerd and “Legos guy” in USA Today, doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. He counts playing Bananagrams amongst his other nerdy pastimes, and his shy demeanor is definitely more meek-geek than in your face athlete.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills Quarterback

Often referred to as “The Harvard Quarterback” by the media, Fitzpatrick scored a whopping 1580 on his SAT’s before tearing it up at Harvard. The scrabble lover is a financial wizard and a self described “technology junkie,” and his teammates coaches alike all praise his vast intellect.

Matt Birk, Baltimore Ravens Center

Earning All-Ivy League academic honors throughout college, this Harvard grad with a degree in economics could have been a financial whiz on Wall Street, but he turned down stock options in favor of pigskins. Birk, who is one of the NFL’s leading promoters of literacy, has won awards for his charitable contributions to youth education, and is frequently included in lists of the NFL’s smartest players.

Myron Rolle, Pittsburgh Steelers Safety

The super-smart Rolle, who earned a master’s degree in medical anthropology from Oxford, is only the second athlete ever to be a Rhodes scholar. He actually postponed the NFL for a year in favor of studying at Oxford! The epitome of a scholar/athlete, Rolle is also bilingual, and has said he plans to become a neurosurgeon after he retires.

Which other geek-centric NFL players did we miss?

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