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Grimm Recap: "Bad Moon Rising"

Grimm Recap: "Bad Moon Rising"

There’s a bad moon rising in this episode of Grimm, and that can only mean one thing: there are lycanthropes, otherwise known as werewolves, afoot. And, Hank finally finds out Nick's secret! Sort of!

The episode opens on a father and daughter discussing her senior class schedule. Meanwhile at the hospital, Juliette tries to remember Nick now that her Sleeping Beauty routine has finally come to an end. Nick tries to jog Juliette’s memory by showing her some photos on his laptop. Spookily, she can remember everyone in her life, except Nick. Back at the father/daughter’s house, Carly, the daughter, is about to get down to studying, when a pair of werewolves break into her room and kidnap her. They bring her to an isolated farm and drop her into a well on a rope.

Back at the hospital, Nick and Monroe are visiting with Juliette. She recognizes Monroe instantly, but still can’t place Nick. Nick says he needs to go and leaves Monroe and Juliette to catch up. Once Nick leaves the room, Juliette asks Monroe how he knows Nick. At the station, Hank comes back from his therapist session and Nick reassures him that he's a good cop. Carly’s father shows up and reveals that he's an old friend of Nick’s. He tells Nick she was supposed to meet with her school counselor today but never showed up. Carly’s dad gets emotional and suddenly changes into a werewolf. Nick sees him turn, but pretends he doesn’t notice.

Later, at Nick’s trailer, Monroe tells Nick that he’s dealing with a species of Grimmverse creature called a Coyotl. Monroe tells Nick the Coyotls introduce a new female into the pack via a mating ritual that happens under a full moon during the female’s 17th year. And it just so happens that Carly just turned 17 and... guess what else? There's going to be a full moon that night! Nick leaves to find Carly.

Nick confronts Carly’s dad and says he knows he’s a Coyotl. Nick asks him what he knows about the mating ritual. He says he knows about it, only that his wife’s family back in Texas still participates in the ritual, and they are not good people, to put it nicely. Back at Farm Creepy, one of the kidnappers tells Carly it’s time to wash up, as they want her “nice and clean” for the ceremony.

To quote Buffy Summers, “Raise your hand if eww?”

Nick, Hank, and Carly’s dad arrive at the farm and see the gang of kidnappers sitting out front, doing their best Sons of Anarchy impressions. Nick talks to the head of the gang, Hayden (who is Carly's uncle, it turns out), and says that Carly has gone missing. Hayden, looking as innocent as a guilty werewolf, pleads ignorance to her whereabouts. Nick suddenly notices the well rope swinging violently and calls Hank over to help pull Carly out of the well.

A crazy gunfight ensues and Nick and Hank get Carly to the barn safely. Once there, Carly is so upset that she goes Teen Wolf–y in front of Nick and Hank. Hank freaks out and pulls his revolver on her. Nick steps in front of her and tells Hank not to shoot her, that he sees Carly for what she really is. Hank says he sees her that way, too, and Nick can’t possibly see what he sees. Carly confirms to a bewildered Hank that Nick is a Grimm, and can see exactly what Hank is seeing. Nick tries his best to explain what it all means, but tells Hank he’s just going to have to trust him for now. Suddenly, Hayden walks into the barn turning into a Coyotl. He rushes at Hank, who punches him out, asking, “Coyotl, right?”

Back at the station Hank is at a loss for words. Nick tries to reassure Hank, telling him he knows "today's been rough." Hank says it’s actually been one of the better days of his life, as he might be crazy but he knows he’s no longer alone.

The things we loved most about this episode:

-Monroe’s rundown on the Coyotl.

-Hank coming to terms with his knowledge of the Grimmverse

-Nick and Hank becoming the first Grimmverse cop team (that we know of!)

Do you think Hank knowing about the Grimmverse will help Nick or make things more complicated?

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