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10 Items to Carry in YOUR Utility Belt

10 Items to Carry in YOUR Utility Belt

Batman has a lot of high-tech gadgets in his utility belt, but as long as you have your backpack/purse/satchel, you too can always be prepared! Let’s run down a quick list of 10 things you should always have on you to make yourself the hero on any situation.

10. Bandages

No one ever plans on getting hurt, except maybe the stars of Jackass. But from paper cuts to scraping a knee, it can happen any time and if it does, you'll be the hero with the goods. Plus, an awesome side-benefit of carrying bandages is the ability to drop everything and dress like an ancient Egyptian mummy. This is very handy for costume-parties, pranks, and tricking real mummies into thinking you're one of them.

9. Flashlight

Since night-vision goggles are pretty expensive, we recommend always carrying the next best thing: a flashlight. In addition to being helpful in power outages and late-night adventures, it's also great for shadow puppets, scary stories, or just bragging about how you have the speed of light in your pocket.

8. Cell phone

Well, duh. Whether you're in an emergency or you have fantastic news to share, you're going to want to have your cell phone handy. And even the fanciest of Smartphones make great paperweights, if nothing else.

7. Gum

Uh oh. You were out eating garlic bread, tuna sandwiches, and hot dogs with your friends, and then bumped into your crush. Never fear: the breath freshener is here! Bring on the smooches.

6. Mirror

A small mirror can come in handy for getting made-up for a party, straightening your hair before a job interview, or picking lunch out of your teeth before a date. Just don't get too wrapped up in yourself, you gorgeous hottie.

5. Lucky Charm

Do you have a beloved picture of your friends, a Star Wars necklace, or a passage by your favorite author that just seems to attract good luck? Having a meaningful trinket with you is a great way to inspire yourself before difficult situations like exams or performances, and they also make great conversation starters.

4. Umbrella

Who hasn’t been caught in a surprise rainstorm? There are plenty of compact umbrellas available that can fit snugly in any bag. And the next time it rains, you’ll look like a psychic. A dry psychic.

3. Deck of Cards

Crack these out at a doctor’s waiting room, a train station, or the airport to pass the time. Maybe even challenge yourself and learn a magic trick or two to wow your fans!

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Our bodies are 70% water, which means they really resent being dehydrated. Without a good old-fashioned dose of H2O, you can expect all kinds of grumps and tantrums from your body, especially since the summer's been so hot. So keep a snazzy water bottle with you! Your body will thank you by not making you pass out.

1. Paper and Pen

Whether you’re getting your crush’s phone number or need to leave a note for someone, technology will never have a replacement for the tried and true method of putting pen to paper. How else are you going to get an autograph from the celebrity you’re bound to run into someday? Or rather, how are you going to give autographs to the adoring fans you're bound to have one day?

What’s something you always make sure to have on you?

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