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The MindHut Summer Movie Recap Slideshow

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Prometheus – Release Date: 6/8

The Good: One of the more controversial movies of the summer, Ridley Scott's Prometheus got a lot of early buzz off some amazing trailers as well as hints that this might be a prequel of sorts to Scott's mega-popular Alien movies. People who were sold on the director's rich visual style and who wanted to spend more time in his universe mostly ended up loving this labyrinthine and cerebral film.

The Bad: Unfortunately, other audience members were totally turned off by Scott's inability to really answer any questions he raised in a satisfactory fashion; to many angry moviegoers, this film felt like a tease and nothing more. It didn't help that writer Damon Lindelof was already under serious scrutiny for the similar way he wrapped up Lost.

The Verdict: People are gonna fight about this one for awhile. Realistically, though, even if you liked it, you probably wouldn't rank it among the most essential Ridley Scott pictures (but, it probably is a bit more watchable than Gladiator).

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