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The Amazing Spider-Man – Release Date: 7/3

The Good: Is it a good decision to reboot a popular film franchise after only five years away? Well, if you've got Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as your two leads, the answer's yes. Amazing Spider-Man works really well, and that's almost entirely due to the fantastic cast it's got at its disposal. It wasn't until we saw Garfield in the role of Peter Parker that it became apparent how much it wasn't a part meant for Tobey Maguire.

The Bad: That said, there's still a bit of unnecessary remaking going on here. The origin part in particular could probably have been omitted, and the Lizard didn't quite match up to Spider-Man 2's Dr. Octopus as far as compelling villainy goes.

The Verdict: Still, Amazing Spider-Man is a really good to great movie, almost definitely the second-best in theSpider-Man franchise (and it's really hard to top 2).

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