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The MindHut Summer Movie Recap Slideshow

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The Dark Knight Rises – Release Date: 7/20

The Good: Along with PrometheusDark Knight Rises is the blockbuster movie that probably caused the most fights/strained the most friendships this summer. Admirers lauded Christopher Nolan for a near-perfect end to his Batman trilogy, one full of exciting action sequences and really emotional developments. The movie was also exceptionally well-cast; did anyone expect Anne Hathaway to do so well as Catwoman?

The Bad: On the other hand, even its biggest supporters had to admit that DKR had an awful lot of flaws and some pretty amateur filmmaking mistakes. The movie felt like it should've been a lot longer (so many holes!), and it also definitely suffered from a lack of Heath Ledger, which, it seems, may have forced Nolan into telling a different story than the one he originally intended.

The Verdict: There are enough people who will love Dark Knight Rises unconditionally forever and ever. There are also a good amount of people who have unreasonable amounts of hatred for it. Somewhere in the middle is probably where popular opinion's going to end up.

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