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Total Recall – Release Date: 8/3

The Good: The highest-profile and most controversial remake of the summer did a few things right. For one, it got a great cast that includes Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, and Jessica Biel (yeah, she still does stuff!). For two, it had some really great-looking action sequences that were a ton of fun to watch.

The Bad: On the other hand, there's a lot about this remake that's not so good. Mostly that it was way dumbed-down (and as film buff/comedian Doug Benson has noted, the original wasn't all that cerebral to begin with!). When you strip away all the more brainy sci-fi elements of the original film, all you're left with is another bland shoot-'em-up. Why rewrite an actual good movie if that's all you want?

The Verdict: It seems that the 2012 version of Total Recall will likely go down as a footnote in cinema history books.

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