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Top 3 Conspiracy Theories from Movies That COULD BE TRUE

Top 3 Conspiracy Theories from Movies That COULD BE TRUE

Conspiracies are everywhere! Do we all see the same color blue? Is gum made to lose its flavor faster so you have to buy more? And why do all my socks keep disappearing from the dryer? I bet these coverups go right to the top. Let's put on our tin foil hats, and take a look at movies about conspiracy theories that might actually be true.

3. The Manchurian Candidate's Brainwashed Assassins

The Manchurian Candidate takes place during the Korean War, with Soviets capturing an American platoon and taking them to Manchuria in Communist China. After the war, the soldiers return home and some start having nightmares. This would be expected for any traumatized soldier except… they were all having the same nightmare. Turns out the entire platoon was brainwashed in China to respond to certain subliminal messages. The messages were like a trigger, which would flip a switch in their brain that would turn them into deadly assassins with no control over their actions. Indeed, in real life, a whole ton of brainwashing did happen in the Korean War! Could this brand of hypnotism still be in practice? Are there sleeper agents walking among us? Do they even know it? ARE YOU ONE?! AH!!!

2. Speed Racer's Fixed Races

Cartoonish as the world of Speed Racer is, there may be some underlying truth to the tale (the car that launches beehives is, unfortunately, still fiction). The sinister Mr. Royalton's plot to rig races to increase his company's stock could be all too real. From Nascar to the Soap Box Derby, auto-racing has always been a scandalous sport. In 2011, two-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip was busted for using an illegal fuel additive. You might be saying to yourself, "Some people will just do anything to win. That doesn't mean there's a conspiracy." Not so fast! In 2008 it was revealed that Formula One racer Nelson Piquet Jr. had crashed his car on the penultimate lap intentionally in order to grant the victory to another racer. Was that about increasing a company's value? Or upsetting the stakes of the competition? Or did he just owe the other guy a REALLY BIG favor?

1. Independence Day's Alien Coverup

In July of 1947, a "flying disk" was recovered near the town of Roswell, New Mexico. The government later reported it was a radar-tracking weather balloon and people mostly forgot about it. But 30 years later, Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved with the original recovery of the debris, confessed that the government covered up the discovery of an alien spacecraft. Independence Day incorporates this rumor, showing us the ship has been maintained and studied and the alien bodies preserved. Could that be close to the truth? Is the government storing the flying saucer somewhere for intergalactic joyrides? Did NASA invent thunder to cover up the sound of reentry? Will Bill Pullman ever become President? Sources say "maybe!"

There’s no shortage of conspiracy movies out there. Which plots do you think could actually be happening in real life?

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