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New Mini-Series on Life with the Ponds!

New Mini-Series on Life with the Ponds!

Every few seasons there comes a time for the Doctor’s companions to move on. It’s a sad day for the fans, but also pretty exciting as we look forward to the new friends that will inevitably leap into the TARDIS. For those of us who shed a few tears upon hearing that the end is nigh for Amy and Rory, BBC has a little treat for us:

True, it’s only a short online mini-series, but that doesn’t mean it will lack any of the sweetness and spunk we’ve come to expect from these two lovebirds. We’ve all wondered what life would be like both before and after adventuring with the Doctor, but the thought is particularly interesting when you think about it in terms of married life. We’ll get a little glimpse into the Pond’s home sweet (normal) home between time travelling. Most likely it includes a lot of the silly, endearing banter of typical young newlyweds, but who knows what other unearthly things might cause a bit of trouble in paradise?

And what is this we hear about a cliff-hanger? Furthermore, that handsome bed-headed Arthur Darvill is telling us it’s tied into the upcoming episode “Asylum of the Daleks.” Oh, how tantalizing! Must he tease us so?

Also, the Doctor surfing on an ocean of fire? Rapping and dancing in a recording studio wearing a backwards TARDIS-blue hat? If that didn’t just make your day, you are a Dalek inside.

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