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Asylum of the Daleks Photos Released

Asylum of the Daleks Photos Released


Can it come any sooner? We are a mere ONE DAY AWAY until the Doctor Who premiere, and it seems like each second is going slower than the last. Must be wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff. Sure we’ve had a few trailers and paparazzi shots from Central Park, but, as always, we need more. Fortunately,  a few more photos were released over at Doctor Who News from the season premiere, Asylum of the Daleks.


The first photo features the Doctor pointing his sonic screwdriver at the camera on what appears to be some sort of cosmic elevator (ahem, lift). Judging by the grime on his face, he probably is a little singed.

The next has Amy Pond falling (or rising) in a beam of light. That’s probably Rory’s contorted face occupying the upper right corner.

In the third picture, the Doctor is strolling down a dark, green-tinted Dalek ship corridor. Yet another difference of the Moffatt seasons from the Davies seasons of Doctor Who: significantly fewer episodes consisting of the Doctor walking through spaceship corridors for extended lengths of time.

The fourth picture depicts what appears to be a parliament of Daleks. These are original Daleks, rather than the iDaleks introduced in “Victory of the Daleks.”

The fifth picture gives us more information than the rest combined. It has the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and a mystery red-head surrounded by Daleks next to a small pit in the middle of the Dalek parliament. Apologies to the fans that don’t like their Daleks color-coordinated, because the iDaleks will be back.

The final picture is a wide aerial shot of the fifth picture, featuring the sheer magnitude of Daleks present. Here’s hoping that “Asylum of the Daleks” takes care and shows us more about the political infrastructure of Dalek society. For too long, we’ve only heard “EXTERMINATE” from them.

Why can't Saturday come sooner?

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