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The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN: Bane VS Pinkie Pie!

The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN: Bane VS Pinkie Pie!

The votes are in for Round 1 of the SciFi Smackdown. It was generally agreed that the Terminator had some huge advantages with his firepower and his defensive system. It's kind of tough to injure a hunk of metal, after all. But lanerd333 wisely pointed out that these strengths were no match for Kenobi.

After all, Obi-Wan's lightsaber does make quick work of robots, as many an unfortunate droid discovered the hard way. Plus, lanerd333 pointed out that any bullets or grenades the Terminator aimed at the old man of Tatooine could be directed back at him using the Force. Also, JMKhungergamesfan made the excellent argument that killing Obi-Wan only gives him more power. Even if he let down his defenses, as he did in A New Hope, he would become one with the Force and as such, unstoppable. Sorry, Terminator: to the molten steel vat for you!

Kenobi will be advancing to the next level of the bracket to compete with the winners of the next 7 battles. Who will be his adversary? YOU DECIDE! If you want to suggest a character to fight in the upcoming rounds, nominate them in the comments!

Only think_inside_the_chimney suggested characters in the last round, but boy, what awesome characters they are! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Princess Celestia, Discord, and Pinkie Pie were the nominees. Oh sure, these guys are a little more fantasy than scifi, but we worked it out with the Fantasy League and we can totally borrow PINKIE PIE. And just in case you think she's somehow not a fierce competitor because of her looks, check out her insane party cannon.

And then consider that she is being matched against the most anti-social character of all time: BANE.

That's right. A My Little Pony versus Gotham's Masked Madman. THIS ROUND IS MEGA-EPIC!


Pinkie Pie Stats:

Species: Earth Pony.

Strengths: The "Pinkie Sense." Similar to Spidey senses, Pinkie can predict events in the immediate future, including whether Bane is coming at her with a left hook, an uppercut, or just a good old-fashioned grenade. Pinkie is also a manic party animal and avid prankster, and nothing would make Bane angrier than an opponent that literally cannot stop having a good time. Finally, Pinkie is kind of mentally unhinged. If she's capable of acting this mental, what other crazy stuff might she do?

Weaknesses: Way too friendly. It's unlikely she'd even notice she was in a fight.

Personal Beliefs: Friendship is magic.

Aliases: Pinkamena Diane Pie (full name), Spirit of Laughter.

Quote: "Sometimes it's just really fun to be scared!"

Bane Stats:

Species: Human. Sort of.

Strengths: Super-strength, intense combat training, and extensive military knowledge. Also: total lack of empathy.

Weaknesses: Dependence on Venom.

Personal Beliefs: Peace only brings societal weakness. Hope is a poison to our souls. Talia al Ghul is awesome.

Aliases: Gotham's Reckoning, The Necessary Evil, The Only Villain Ever to Best Batman in A Fight.

Quote: "I wondered what would break first: your spirit or your body."

So who will it be Masterminds? The pillager or the pony? The one that brings the pain or the one that brings the party? And who would you like to see in the next round of SciFi Smackdown?

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