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Astronomers Discover Tatooine!

Astronomers Discover Tatooine!

For years, scientists have been saying that planets with two suns—like Tatooine from Star Wars—could never exist. Most scientists argued that the planets would have to be too far from the stars to be believable. However, as of August 29th, the existence of the first circumbinary system has been confirmed and there are probably many, many more, since the majority of stars aren't single stars but have partners.

Kepler space telescope discovered the two planets that make up this system, along with more than 2,300 other planets it has discovered since 2009.

But if you want something exactly like the movies, these aren't the planets you're looking for. The similarities to Tatooine end after the two suns part—the climate on these planets is chilly and not likely to harbor life. However, if life did exist on these worlds, scientists believe there would be interesting phenomena such as black trees and plant life that either adapts to collect light from both stars or only one.

Still, it's probably a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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