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Grimm Season Two Recap: Quills

Grimm Season Two Recap: Quills

In the opening scene, we see a man is driving a green pickup truck. Another car comes hurtling at him, crashing into him. Pickup truck guy gets out of his car to see if the person who crashed into him is injured. The other man looks really sick, with boils all over his face. He attacks the pickup truck driver. Just as the contagion guy is about to bite, pickup truck guy turns into a porcupine-type creature. His quills go through Contagion Guy’s wrist. Contagion Guy makes a delirious-yet-hasty retreat.

Nick and Hank arrive at the scene of the car crash, where they discover the green pickup truck. Sargent Wu tells them it belongs to a Portland Parks and Recreation employee named Brian. He explains what Brian told the police about his earlier encounter with Contagion Guy, a.k.a Carl Stanton. The detectives track Carl to a nearby office building. They find Carl down the end of the corridor, looking very much like a victim of the worst flu ever. He charges at the detectives, weapon in his hand. Nick and Hank shoot him before he has a chance to attack.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank are discussing the case with Captain Renard. Just as the detectives leave, Renard gets a call from his brother. Sean tells Renard a Nuckelavee is on the way to Portland to retrieve the magic key from Nick. Renard says he will not allow that to happen. Later on, Nick swings by Monroe’s house. They discuss Hank, and how Nick told Hank he was a Grimm. Monroe is less than thrilled by this development, exclaiming, “Maybe we should have a little coming out party, tell all your friends!”

Meanwhile, Rosalee arrives at her shop to find containers and jars knocked over. Adalind’s cat, Evil Kitty has escaped from her carrier and is pissed. She scurries up the wall and is not quite dancing on the ceiling as an unknowing Rosalee walks directly underneath her. Evil Kitty goes Evil Ninja Kitty silently dropping to the ground, narrowly missing Rosalee. Creeeepy! Evil Kitty suddenly charges at her, but Rosalee flings the shop door open just in the nick of time, releasing Evil Kitty out on the streets. Monroe arrives to find a half-eaten kitty carrier and a seriously spooked Rosalee.

Later in the episode, Rosalee and Monroe go on a picnic. They’ve just set up their spread when Brain shows up. And he looks sick. Biblical plagues sick. Back at the morgue, the detectives chat with the medical examiner about the disease that Carl Stanton had. She tells them it’s probably not contagious and they have nothing to worry about. A sinister looking guy tails Nick and Hank as they come out of the precinct. Sinister Guy gets in his car and drives off, but not before he changes into the Nuckelavee.

Juliette has a meeting with Bud, the Hamster Guy. Juliette explains about her memory loss, and asks him what he remembers about her and Nick. Bud spills the beans about Nick being a Grimm. He suddenly realizes she has no idea what he’s talking about. He does some serious backpedaling, telling Juliette that Grimm means “good cop who goes out of his way for people”, before beating a hasty retreat.

Back at the shop, Monroe and Rosalee discuss their unusual picnic. Their conversation is interrupted by an ill-timed call from Nick. Nick asks Monroe about the Wesen disease, and if Rosalee can make a cure. While Monroe is describing the symptoms to Nick, he notices that an increasingly amorous Rosalee has a scratch on her neck from the already-infected Brian. Rosalee finds the recipe for the cure in one of her books. She tells Monroe she has all the ingredients in the shop, but Monroe has to make it. While the gang waits for Rosalee and Brian to get better, Monroe decides in the spirit of “Grimm Coming Out Day” it’s time to confess who he really is to Hank.

In the final scene, Rosalee wakes up and asks if she and Monroe kissed while she was sick. He confirms this, saying, “Like there was no tomorrow”. The camera then pans up to reveal the Nuckelavee peering in at them through the skylight.

Episode Highlights

-Hank and Nick finally being able to work together on Grimmverse stuff
-Evil Kitty’s creepy, evil escape from Rosalee’s shop.
-The return of Bud (Hamster Man)!
-Four Words: “Grimm Coming Out Day”.

Do you think this season has lived up to the hype so far? Will you tune in when Grimm returns September 28th?

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