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Cult TV Shows We Want to See on the Big Screen

Cult TV Shows We Want to See on the Big Screen

It’s not a new concept for cult TV shows to later become cult movies. The X Files, Firefly, The Kids in the Hall, and Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show are just a few that made the leap from TV show to big screen flick, and there undoubtedly be more to come. It has been confirmed that Bryan Singer is in the early stages of developing a Battlestar Galactica movie that he talked about (very, very briefly) in a recent interview. Singer says his movie will fit nicely between the Glen Larsen and Ron Moore versions, but there are no other deets on the project yet.

So, when we learned that one of our favorites was already heading to the big screen, we decided to make a push for some other gone but never forgotten shows we’d love to see get a cinematic comeback.

Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell’s with us on this one, Masterminds! She said a few weeks ago on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that she wanted to do a Veronica Mars movie, and we were like: Yes! We want that too! While there are no plans to take Veronica to the big screen just yet, Bell said that “if I have my choice, there will be” a big screen trip for the spunky, intelligent investigator. Anyone who saw the 12 minute video extra on the season three DVDs knows that if Veronica were to, say, join the FBI and have Walton Goggins (aka Justified’s resident badass Boyd Crowder) for a boss, it might be beyond awesome! This needs to happen, the sooner, the better!

V (1984 and 2009 series)

Since Bryan Singer is combining old and new for his BSG endeavor, we think this other alien takeover series might benefit from a similar treatment. The 2009 show had its weak moments and cliché characters, but it disposed of its weakest cast members in its awesome finale, which would also be a great jumping off point for a feature film. Elizabeth Mitchell is fantastic, as is Morena Baccarin, and we think a showdown between the only woman who knows what’s going on versus the woman who has everyone else under her control would be a wild ride.


We know. We’d like to forget the final 2 ½ - 3 seasons, too. In fact, we pretty much have. Something weird with a carnival, people kept dying and then not dying, blah blah blech. But what we do remember is how great the first season was, and how much potential these characters still have. All it would take is for the near ruined Hiro to go back in time and change some things. That, and a tongue and cheek attitude about how bad the show let things get, and there might be some redemption for this once promising franchise after all. We’re thinking a Zachary Quinto-centered Sylar-fest would be scary good, as well!

Star Trek: The Next Generation

There was 1994’s Star Trek: Generations, but we haven’t seen Capt. Jean-Luc Picard or the rest of his crew from the Enterprise since. The original Star Trek got a reboot, so isn’t TNG due? Oh, and, paging Wesley Crusher for this one, please! Wil Wheaton was conspicuously absent from Star Trek: Generations, and we’d love it if he were featured in a way prominent role in a new film that pits the crew from the Enterprise against a more modern, digital-aged nemesis.


This would be very full circle, wouldn’t it? A movie that spawned a way more successful TV franchise... that later spawned a movie of its own. Creator Joss Whedon has expressed interest in helming a big-screen Buffy someday, (fingers crossed) but we only want this to happen if we get an Angel/Buffy reunion. Those two have been apart for so long, and we think it would be satisfying to see them team up again. There’s the potential for some very interesting dynamics, particularly because the gang’s all grown up, and a lot has assuredly changed. Of all the shows on this list, we think this one has the best shot at getting the big screen treatment.

Which cult shows do you want to see come to your local multiplex?

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