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QUIZ: Which TV She-Geek do you Most Resemble?

QUIZ: Which TV She-Geek do you Most Resemble?

Geeky girl characters have almost become a cottage industry on television—which we love! So we thought we’d put together a quiz to see which geeky TV chicas you lady-Masterminds most resemble.

1. Your ultimate Friday night consists of:

a)     Catching up on a week’s worth of geeky DVR shows with your best buds.

b)     Spending quality time with your boyfriend or your family.

c)     Whatever’s clever. You’re not really into making plans.

d)     You work ahead and get all your homework done—that way you’ll be all caught up and you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to organize a board game/gaming night at your place!

e)     Something spontaneous and different; you get bored easily and enjoy trying different things.

2. Your favorite article of clothing is:

a)     Your glasses. They make you look as smart as you are.

b)     An heirloom necklace that was a gift from your mother.

c)     You don’t have one; you aren’t as into clothes as most other girls.

d)     It depends on the season. In the winter, it’s your tweed-esque peacoat, but in the summer, it’s your army-green tank that makes you feel like Starbuck. What? Clothing is seasonal!

e)     Your way pretty floral sundress. You may be a geek, but you’re also quite chic.

3. When people ask you what kind of music you listen to, you usually respond by saying:

a)     Classical. As in, Bach, Mahler, and Schubert. You’re kind of a band geek at heart.

b)     Classic rock and contemporary pop.

c)     The more obscure the artist, the better. You like introducing your friends to bands they’ve never heard of.

d)     More like, what don’t you listen to? You even have an affinity for showtunes!

e)     You mostly enjoy indie pop like Goyte, although you’re more of a lyrics person than a genre person.

4. Your personal philosophy/personality is closest to:

a)     Word hark, play hard! Sure, you want to be a scientist/doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang with your buds! After all, nothing beats a good cosplay!

b)     You’re generally more quiet, shy, and reserved, but you also enjoy a good laugh.

c)     Sarcasm = one of your biggest crutches. And you lean on it a lot.

d)     You’re a total creature of habit, and you’re also kind of a control freak. But you really do have things under control. Usually.

e)     Variety is the spice of life. You definitely know what you like, but you’re also open to trying new foods, listening to new music, etc.

5. You usually dig dudes who are:

a)     Major, hardcore, down-to-the-bone geeks.

b)     Sweet, kind, and somewhat shy—just like you.

c)     You don’t really have a type—you’re down with whatever moves you. Just as long as you and he mesh well personality wise, it’s all good.

d)     Someone who is chill and secure enough to let you the make plans and take center stage, at least most of the time. You’re too take-charge to take the back seat!

e)     You have a history of falling for bad boys, alterna rockers, and slackers. You’re trying to work on that, but it is what it is. Hey, opposites attract, right?

6. Your friend needs help with her calculus homework, like, stat. You:

a)     Help her immediately. You can do your work later in a snap. Besides, friends are forever, and calculus is a pain!

b)     Finish your own work first and then try your best to help her.

c)     Calculus... that’s math, right? You make a scathing remark about the evils of numbers before wishing her luck and cracking open a soda.

d)     Pencil her in for tutoring sessions with you immediately. You know you can help, but you have to schedule it first!

e)     Try to find new ways to make learning fun, and, if you hit a snag, get one of your best guy buds to help her. Hey, they might even hit it off!

Mostly A’s: You’re an Amy-Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. You’re a serious brainiac who isn’t afraid to let her geek flag fly! You manage to both an awesome scholar and an awesome friend! Congratulations!

Mostly B’s: You’re a Pam Halpert from The Office. You’re the quiet/shy girl who embraces her geekiness, but also embraces the mainstream. You’re traditional and sweet like Pam, and you can take (and tell) a good joke from time to time.

Mostly C’s: You’re an April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation. You’re definitely the bright, sarcastic girl who does NOT go with the flow. You’re smart and you know it, but you usually like to hang out in the background and not draw too much attention to yourself.

Mostly D’s: You’re an Annie Edison from Community. You believe organization is the key to life, and you have no shame about the rituals you conduct to make your life as efficient as possible. You’re very driven and motivated—others often look to you for help, and because you’re so together, you can usually provide it!

Mostly E’s: You’re a Jess Day from New Girl. Okay, so maybe you don’t wanna be called adorkable, but you’re quirky and open-minded, which is a great combination! Your geekiness comes from these things, as well as the wee bit of whimsy you possess.

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