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MTV Gets Their Geek On With MTV Geek

MTV Gets Their Geek On With MTV Geek


So you think MTV's just about spray tans and reality shows? Well, think again! The channel has actually been flying their geek flag high since 2010 with their blog MTV Geek.

MTV Geek has been showing up at all the major cons, live streaming coverage and giving out cool swag like personalized green screened pics for cosplayers. Most recently, at Dragon Con, we caught up with the website's Senior Producer, Brandon Freeberg. He described MTV Geek as "a one-stop shop for everything from comics to anime and manga to television; stuff like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, cartoons, and tech."

Not only do they cover stuff that's geeky-cool, but they're creating their own amazing content, too. From interviews with people like William Shatner and the cast of Firefly, to their own online comics (Hats and Punks are two of their bigger titles). Even Stan Lee has partnered up with them and come out with his own comic called The Seekers.

And what's a website without a kick-butt webseries? AvX: War Journals is an original webseries that covers the behind the scenes action from conception to execution of the epic Marvel series Avengers vs. X-Men.

"We want to be sort of like a center, a hub, for anyone that’s looking for anything in the geek culture, we want to be in front and center," Said Freeberg.

With all that geeky goodness, it looks like they've staked their territory in the nerd landscape!

Will you check out MTV Geek?

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