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One Sparkler Asks "Why Would People Read Fantasy Books?" What's Your Take?

One Sparkler Asks "Why Would People Read Fantasy Books?" What's Your Take?

Last week, commenter AnaBananaSparkler left a comment on our Amanda Hocking book review:

Why would people read fantasy books? They seem like they are just a waste of time.

Quickly, others Masterminds jumped in to argue the other side:

Really? I love fantasy. It's this damned good other-worldly experience. And you can make up stories in your mind about the stuff you read. -- FantasyBookLover

Why do books have to be set in the "real world" for them to be good? ALL books, no matter what the genre, feature people and their relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and the world around them, and that's usually what we refer to when we talk about how "good" a book is intellectually. -- Medea37

Do you like Disney? Of course you do. That should answer it. -- livelaughlove100

and, quite eloquently,

Because there is intrinsic value in beauty. -- imlora

Of course, some agreed with AnaBanana:

I agree with Ana that you can't really get anything out of them because they aren't real. However, I think fantasy books function as a kind of escape route for people who want to go into their own little world for a while like snidget said. But really, there are so many good books in the world, millions more than one could ever read in their lifetime, so why not read ones that you learn from or that are about real people and events, instead of wasting your time on fantasy? -- John4_321

It's an interesting debate. Why are some people able to get hooked on fantasy and science fiction, and get a tremendous amount out of reading these books, but not everyone?

Why do you (or don't you) read fantasy or science fiction?

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