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Become a Part of Star Wars and Submit For Star Wars Uncut!

Become a Part of Star Wars and Submit For Star Wars Uncut!

The Force is strong with the Star Wars Uncut project! If you're not familiar with it, let me give you some background: in 2009, a fan by the name of Casey Pugh launched, which spliced A New Hope into 15 second chucks. He invited the world to claim said clips and re-imagine them in any style they wanted. The result was a feature-length remake that cut between animated scenes, low budget live action, faux news reports, finger puppets, model replicas, and thousands of other loving takes on the classic film series. It is a veritable nerd explosion!

And now, Empire Strikes Back is getting the same treatment! Here's the trailer:

The project went on to be incredibly popular at conventions, was featured in documentaries, and even won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. Don't think this is awesome? Well then I must say, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

If you're interested in submitting to the project, lock down a 15-second chunk of the movie on the website here! You could recreate Leia telling Han she'd rather kiss a Wookie, or General Veers interrupting Darth Vader's beauty sleep, or even Luke's awkward family reunion towards the end. Do or do not, young Masterminds, there is no try!

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