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Fifth Season of "The Clone Wars" Will Detail the Rise of the Empire

Fifth Season of "The Clone Wars" Will Detail the Rise of the Empire

There’s one paradoxical thing we’ve learned from watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the past four years: it’s one of the longest conflicts to occur within the shortest span of time between Episode II and III. But for all the battlefield action and innumerable times Padme uncovers some political conspiracy, the show has yet to touch upon the actual events contributing to Chancellor Palpatine’s ascendency to galactic emperor—until now! This September, the fifth season of The Clone Wars will at last reveal how the duplicitous chancellor was able to manipulate an entire galaxy and transform the floundering Republic into the Empire.

The exact means to Palpatine’s sinister end were always a vague subject within Star Wars canon. Essentially, how he was able to successfully label the Jedi Order as threats to peace and convince the Galactic Senate and the general public to support his pogrom against the Jedi Order?

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni revealed that all the answers to these questions and more will be the main focus of what is shaping up to be the greatest season for the series to date. According to Filoni, the fifth season will also turn its attention to the dark details surrounding the watershed moment in Episode III when Master Mace Windu and a band of fellow Jedi Knights attempt to arrest Palpatine for crimes against the Republic.

The fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will begin September 29th at 9:30 a.m. on Cartoon Network. A tad early in the morning for most of us, but that’s what DVR is for, Masterminds.

Will you be watching the fifth season of The Clone Wars?

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