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They Might Rename a Town in Kansas "Smallville." No, Really!

They Might Rename a Town in Kansas "Smallville." No, Really!

One comic book geek is determined to make Smallville a reality. His Facebook page dedicated to changing the name of Hutchinson, Kansas to “Smallville” is approaching 2,000 likes.

Artist and die-hard Superman fan Christopher Wietrick created the page in July with co-founders Ben Eisiminger and KC McNeely to garner supporters of his idea to honor Superman’s fictional hometown of Smallville, Kansas.

“Our goal is for Warner Brothers and DC Comics to recognize Hutchinson as the REAL Smallville,” says the “About” section on the page. “We believe that no town in America has a better argument for the title.”

The similarities of Hutchinson and Smallville extend beyond the state in which they’re located. Both cities have stretches of farmland, a population of around 45,000, frequent meteor showers, and are a three-hour drive from their nearest big cities—Kansas City for Hutchinson, Metropolis for Smallville.

What’s more, Hutchinson waxes science-y, a la the sci-fi feel of Superman’s origins. The town boasts The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, a Smithsonian affiliate with a collection that includes a space shuttle and a SR-71 Blackbird. Wietrick believes the Superman costume displayed in the museum bolsters his movement. Hutchinson’s shape even resembles that of Superman’s Logo. The Facebook page also posted a picture of a Hutchinson restaurant sign with a “t” photoshopped into the name to make Ken’s Pizza appear as “Kent’s Pizza,” after Superman’s alter ego.

If Wietrick succeeds, Hutchinson won’t be the first town to become a Superman hub. Metropolis, Illinois attracted crowds of tourists after claiming its namesake as the hometown of the adult Superman.

Wietrick wielded his artist’s pencil to draw comparisons in a Hutchinson/Smallville comic strip. He promised all profits from the strip to the Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson.

Are you convinced? Will you join the movement?

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