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Blogging RPGs: I Am a World of Warcraft Therapist

Blogging RPGs: I Am a World of Warcraft Therapist

Whatever your game, whatever your realm, we all find our niche in the community. Sometimes it varies from character to character, and other times you find yourself falling into the same role over and over.  I’m not just talking about classes, races, fighting styles, or talent trees. I’m talking about the parts of your personality that come out in your game playing. The chat banter, the group questing, the trading, the n00b helping. Or heaven forbid, the chat trolling, message spamming, or guild robbing.

Lately in the wonderful World of Warcraft, I find myself in the position of being some kind of RPG therapist. Perhaps it’s the fact that in one or two guilds, I’m the oldest member (at the ripe old age of 26). Perhaps it’s the fact that I try to give most people the benefit of the doubt, recognizing that there is a real person behind the toon talking to me. Maybe I’ve watched too much Star Trek: The Next Generation and wished that Deanna Troi was actually useful as an extrasensory empath. Whatever the reason, other players feel the need to express their frustrations, jubilations, victories, and losses with me—in detail. I don’t go looking for it, it just happens. So much, in fact, that a couple guilds even nicknamed me “Guild Mama.” Once I had that name, my mailbox overflowed with all kinds of inquiries on RPG interactions. I thought I’d share some with you. The names of players have all been changed, but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few of these running around the battleground.

  • Dear Guild Mama,

I keep begging the members of this guild to let me in. Why won’t they let me in? I mean, I just keep asking. And asking some more. It’s all I really want! I neeeeeeeed to be in this guild! I’ve asked everyone at least 40 times each!



P.S. Can you send me a guild invite?

Dear Desperate,

There could be any number of reasons why a guild won’t accept you. Sometimes they have specifications. Some are strictly raiding guilds, others only accept certain levels, and some only want people they already know in real life. Maybe, just maybe, you have a reputation for dominating guild chat with idle complaints? Just a thought. Anyway, when you’re looking to join a guild, don’t get hung up on just one. There are plenty out there. Just give it time and be a friendly player.

P.S. Incessant begging will get you nowhere. Stop it.

  • Dear Guild Mama,

The boys keep teasing me about how I seem to be the guildmaster’s favorite. We’re not dating, and I’m not a brown noser or guild-digger. We just like playing together. Why do they tease me?



Dear SugarPixy,

Guildmasters are like teachers. They’re not supposed to have favorites, but most of them do. What really counts is whether or not they let it affect guild politics. If you two are just close questing buddies and friends, no problem. But if he’s using guild funds to shower you alone with great gear, takes you on dates to Darkmoon Faire on the guild’s dime, or drops his previous obligations to other members to meet up with you, that’s bad. Unless he’s prepared to do those things for every guild member, it has to stop.  As for the teasing, boys just do that, especially when they find a nerdy gamer girl. All it means is that they wish they had a questing buddy too.

  • Dear  Guild Mama,

Do you like Obama?

Yours truly,


Dear Opinionated,

Guild Mama has no idea what you’re talking about.  Guild Mama is a talking bovine that walks upright and casts spells, for crying out loud! Guild Mama does not concern herself with this “real world” thing. If you want to pick a political argument with someone, then try chanting “For the Alliance” to my face.

Just try it. I dare you.

Do you have any questions for the Guild Mama?

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