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Help a n00b Decide: Should He Watch Vampire Diaries?

Help a n00b Decide: Should He Watch Vampire Diaries?

When you need to know the private day-to-day thoughts of the undead, you better get yourself some Vampire Diaries. They’re filled with awesome stuff like fangs, and blood, and... um... bats?

Alright, full disclosure here, I’ve never seen this show, but season four has a new promo out, and we wanted to check it out. I have no idea what has happened at any point in the show. Ever. And I'm going to use this promo and your input to help me decide if I should watch this show. Here we go!

0:01 = When you see something in the road ahead (like a tire tread, or a deer, or a woman staring blankly ahead) they say you shouldn’t slam on your brakes because you might go into a skid. Instead you should drive full force off a bridge.
0:05 = Preferably over some kind of ramp that carries you over the guard rail without so much as touching it.
0:08 – 0:32 = Plot exposition. The pretty brunette lady died when the truck swerved to avoid hitting the pretty blonde lady. The different pretty brunette lady made her a vampire to save her, but the handsome serious guy doesn’t approve. Now they have one day to save her from her vampiric fate, but the handsome frowny guy thinks it can’t be done.
0:33 = Joke(?)
0:35 = Quick cut! Clock! Steam kettle! Eyes! Candles!
0:37 = What?
0:41 = Quick cut! Sexy time! Choking time! Handgun time!
0:45 = That guy just used a gun to shoot two women into the “kick” from Inception. Awesome!
0:52 = Hunters? Are those hunters? I see a priest and a gun so I’m deciding those are vampire hunters. That’s actually pretty cool.
0:56 = Did he just hold her hands until she passed out? Must be vampire hand-holding. Also, did he just call her “Buddy” or “Bunny?” I find either one a little hard to accept.
1:01 =  Edward Cullen hair!

Final thoughts = If I had watched that with the sound off, there would be absolutely no way for me to determine that it was about vampires, or anything supernatural, for that matter. But you know what? It’s a series about vampires that’s survived until its fourth season—respect. I'm half decided. It's a possible maybe. But what do you guys think I should do?

Do you think Chaunton should tune in to watch this season's Vampire Diaries?

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