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More Sherlock Details Revealed!

More Sherlock Details Revealed!

Despite having their hands full with Doctor Who right now, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss continue to let out little crumbs of information about Sherlock. Before, the first clue of “Rat, Wedding, Bow” was covered beautifully by our own Brandon Specktor, as he ran down the possibilities behind those three words. Still, the guys behind Sherlock have more to say than cryptic nouns. Andrew Blair from Den of Geek went to the Edinburgh International Television Festival and gathered a few new facts about the series’ past, present, and future from Moffat and Co.

The first bit of past knowledge is the influence of producer Sue Vertue. She’s responsible for many of your favorite things on the show. She suggested to Moffatt that he do the show. She even suggested Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, based on his performance in Atonement. Also, season two’s tension relieving ringtone moment was based on a real experience of hers. She was at a funeral when someone’s phone went off and actually played the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”

Also, the show’s distinct style of a floating text from screens and cell phones actually came about in the last episode of the first season. Moffat liked it so much that he decided to write it into the first as well.

Moriarty had a roundabout way of appearing. First off, the plan was not to even reveal Moriarty until season two. Still, when the producers got back results from audience research, they were pleasantly surprised to find that viewers also considered Moriarty to be an essential part of the Holmes mythology. Because of this, they wrote over-the-top dialogue conveying that Molly’s boyfriend was actually Moriarty. They did this thinking no one could pull it off. Until Andrew Scott did and created one of entertainment’s most endearing and (hopefully) enduring psychopaths.

Beyond that, Andrew Scott, Moriarty himself, stated that Moriarty is, unequivocally, dead. Still, that leaves open the option for evil twins and life model decoys, right?

Lara Pulver got the job as Irene Adler by sending in an audition tape with her wearing a towel. Vertue said that she was the only actress who auditioned and made the character playful.

Steven Moffat has a theory as to why people enjoy the show so much: it’s fan fiction. Both he and Gatiss are in love with it, and there’s a ridiculous amount of sentimentality about it. Also, Gatiss and Moffat are just as excited as you would be to run between the set of 221B Baker St. and the TARDIS. Gatiss described it as a map of their brains.

Last, for season three, Gatiss and Moffat announced that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson would return. As to how Sherlock would come back, Gatiss quipped that it would involve a “bizarre system of Japanese wrestling.”

Filming for the third season of Sherlock will begin in January, and it will hopefully be broadcasted in late summer. Only a year's wait left!

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