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Hobbit Feet Slippers: Cool, Creepy, Or Both?

Hobbit Feet Slippers: Cool, Creepy, Or Both?

As strange as it is, it’s an empirical truth: Slippers are the one article of clothing that are a merchandiser’s money-making dream. Name any movie, video game or cartoon series and you can bet that someone can turn it into a pair of the aforementioned morning footwear, no matter how bizarre or frightening the end result may be. Having said that, the ever-clever merchants at ThinkGeek have created something all Lord of the Rings fans have been clamoring for: Slippers that look like Hobbit feet. Are they the greatest thing ever... or proof that being too creative can lead to creepy?

To avoid claims of copyright infringement—and an onslaught of arrows and paperwork from the Attorneys of Mordor—the product is labeled “Plush Halfling Slippers,” so any question as to whether these are an official Lord of the Rings product can be laid to rest. But just because they’re unofficial shouldn’t dissuade you from placing an order. And at an affordable $19.99 a pair you’d have to be beyond a fool of a Took to pass up on these!

Still, while they do make for a nice novelty, was there anyone actually asking for slippers designed to look like the feet of a Hobbit? If it’s any consolation, ThinkGeek definitely cornered that niche market of people who enjoy barefoot running and are avid fans of LotR. Now they can imagine they’re being chased by orcs when they run—the best kind of motivation there is!

Buy your own Plush Halfling Slippers here! Unless you're too creeped out by them.

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