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The New Star Trek Movie Will be Called Star Trek: Into Darkness

The New Star Trek Movie Will be Called Star Trek: Into Darkness

It seems that the title of the new Star Trek movie has leaked. Through some interesting monitoring, has confirmed that someone that appears to be Paramount Pictures has registered the domain names and That's a pretty strong indication that the title of the eagerly anticipated Star Trek 2 will be Star Trek: Into Darkness (The colon is optional, but it fits with the character of previous Star Trek movies, so we'll go with it).

So, if this is indeed the title, what does that mean? Well, it probably indicates that the movie will trend towards the darker side of things, rather than going for comedy (so, more Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan than Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; or, for you Next Generation fans, more Star Trek: First Contact than Star Trek: Insurrection. Thank god.). And of course, we mentioned The Wrath of Khan on purpose because rumors have been flying for years now about the appearance, or lack thereof, of Khan in this sequel. Is he in it? We think so, but enough people associated with the movie have denied that Benedict Cumberbatch (confirmed to be playing the movie's villain) is playing the iconic character to put some doubts in our minds.

Either way, it's clear that we'll have to wait until closer to the movie's release date (May 17, 2013) to glean any real details about the movie's plot. As long as we're waiting, thoughts on the movie's supposed title, Star Trek: Into Darkness? Love it? Hate it?

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