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The Top 5 Geekiest Stores EVER

The Top 5 Geekiest Stores EVER

We geeks have the tendency to forgo the purchase of basic necessities such as new clothes, healthy food, and toiletries thanks in part to our time-consuming hobbies and interests. Still, the upside to wearing tattered rags and eating Top Ramen throughout the day is that we have plenty of fun money burning a hole in our pocket (aside from the one already made by ravenous moths). But what is a geek to do with so many piles of cash sitting idle and collecting dust? Spend it, of course, and we at The MindHut have a compiled a list of the five geekiest stores that are a worth a visit and more than obliging to relieve you of your burdensome money!

1) Forbidden Planet (UK, New York)

To label Forbidden Planet a run-of-the-mill comic book shop is not only a misnomer perpetuated by the general public but also an insult to this fine chain of stores. Touted as a “cult entertainment megastore,” Forbidden Planet lives up to this title by catering to a wide spectrum of geeks and their pedantic interests. While New York is also home to the rival Midtown Comics chain of retailers, they just seem to lack that uniquely obscure ambiance that radiates off of Forbidden Planet due to the latter specializing in movies, anime, and other media that tends to fall under the radar. Having said that, it’s these qualities that make Forbidden Planet feel like an exclusive club for the geeky masses.

2) Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. (New York)

Look, we don't have the same level of disposable income as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark to purchase/build our own crime-fighting gadgets and such, so we have to rely on the private sector to do so. And if you’re a super hero or heroine on a budget look no further than the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. It’s essentially a family-friendly Spencer’s Gifts with a comic book theme. From capes to civilian disguises to evil blob containment units, BSSC has everything you need. Young customers even get to take a hero’s oath upon making a purchase (yes, you most likely exceed the maximum age limit to do this).

3) The Evolution Store (New York)

With its grim exterior and ghoulish skull banner flailing gently in the wind, The Evolution Store looks like it came straight out of a 19th century horror novel. But to pass it up without taking a peek would be a shame since the store itself is a veritable natural history museum (and the kind of place Charles Darwin would go shopping). Granted, the fossils, rare minerals, and taxidermy for sale are definitely out of our price range, but it’s always fun to gander at the natural oddities that lie within. Regardless, there are a few items that won’t leave our wallets hurting... like the timeless shark in a jar—a fantastic conversation piece!

4) Toy Tokyo (New York)

Fans of anime, manga, kaiju, and anything else from Japanese popular culture, bring your wallets, because Toy Tokyo is the place for you! Walking through the door and past a statue of Mazinger Z, visitors are greeted—and overwhelmed—by a wall of Japanese blind assortment mini toys and gacha machines. After that, it’s nothing but toys and other merchandise imported from the Land of the Rising Sun, such as PVC Godzilla figures and Japanese Transformers. And chances are extremely high you’ll find something you never knew existed and that you need! Not a fan of Japanese pop culture fare? No problem since Toy Tokyo also carries domestic products from series including Star Wars, He-Man and—brace yourselves—vintage Mego Marvel/DC super hero dolls still in their original packaging.

5) Super Potato (Japan)

Why this chain of stores decided that a starchy vegetable would make an ideal mascot is anyone’s guess, but that isn’t to say anyone should think less of Super Potato. Hailed as the Xanadu for video gamers everywhere, the Super Potato in Tokyo is nothing but pure retro video game bliss. The place is an arcade and a vintage video game store (selling everything from individual game cartridges to rare and retro tabletop arcade machines) all rolled into one, and guarantees you’ll be spending the entirety of your vacation budget within less than an hour. But mere mortal description isn’t enough to do Super Potato justice. Just watch this amazing video for yourself and you’ll be drooling in no time!

Any geeky stores you think we should visit?

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