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QUIZ: Which Dark Knight Villain Are You?

QUIZ: Which Dark Knight Villain Are You?

Bruce Wayne is awesome, but not just because he's the Dark Knight. Perhaps more than any other superhero, Batman is defined by the eclectic and philosophically complex gallery of rogues who challenge him in the streets of Gotham City every night. From mutant gang members, to disgraced attorneys, to global criminal masterminds, the Caped Crusader has his work cut out for him. Given how colorful and diverse his opponents are, we thought it would be fun to see which villain our Masterminds most resemble. Take this quiz to find out which of Batman's archenemies you are—if you dare!

1. You just robbed a bank. You hear police sirens, and see the Bat Signal in the sky. What do you do?

a)     You wait for the police to arrive. They’re on your dollar anyway. (1 point)

b)    You escape in an infuriatingly genius way, and leave a calling card to taunt your pursuers. (2 points)

c)     It doesn’t matter who tries to stop you, or how many there are. You’ll outmatch them all. (3 points)

d)    You give Batman a chance to get to you before the cops. You'd relish some alone time with the man who destroyed your life. (4 points)

2. You’ve captured Batman, and have him held in a remote location. What do you do?

a)     Tell him how disappointed you are with his work, and try to convince him to rejoin you. (1 point)

b)    Set a trap for him, and watch him struggle to escape. What fun! (2 points)

c)     Fight him, mano-a-mano. (3 points)

d)    You're either going to kill him or let him go. It's not up to you. (4 points)

3. Batman breaks into your secret lair. What do you do?

a)     You sic the assassins on him. He’s no match for all of us! (1 points)

b)    You’re already gone, but the booby traps most certainly are not. (2 points)

c)     You’ve been waiting for precisely this moment. You take him on. (3 points)

d)    You let fate decide who lives. (4 points)

4. According to you, what is the biggest problem with authority?

a)     Corruption. (1 point)

b)    Futility. (2 points)

c)     Inequality. (3 points)

d)    Injustice. (4 points)

5. Rumor has it that Batman is dead. How do you react to the news?

a)     Mourn the loss of a great student. (1 point)

b)    Tear your hair out in anguish. Who will you play with now? (2 points)

c)     All pretenders fall. (3 points)

d)    Move on to your next enemy. (4 points)

Add up the points for each of your answers and divide them by 4. If you have a number between:

1-1.5: You are Ra's al Ghul! Of all the Dark Knight villains, you are philosophically the closest to Batman. Indeed, you were the one that taught him that a symbol outlives the man who creates it. As such, you have made yourself pretty much immortal. Congrats on the everlasting life!

1.6-2.4: You are the Joker! You just want to ask the world one question: why so serious? You think life is too short to be dull. A fan of the absurd and a master of puzzles, you're out to prove that the only constant force in the universe is chaos.

2.5-3.4: You are Bane! You have a lot in common with Batman: you are both combat masterminds, and you are both committed to equality. But you believe that criminals are everywhere—in government, finance, and in everyday life—whereas Batman tends to limit his vigilantism to the streets. Your added zeal has made you the only person to have ever defeated the Dark Knight. Bet that feels pretty cool, huh?

3.5-4: You are Two Face! You have more in common with the Joker than Batman. In the same way he believes chaos is the most influential force in the universe, so you believe it is chance. Your experience with the world has led you to believe that the unbiased act of flipping a coin is the only fair way to make decisions. That way, you take no responsibility for your actions, which makes you extra terrifying.

So... which Dark Knight Villain Are You?

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