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QUIZ: Which TV He-Geek Are You?

QUIZ: Which TV He-Geek Are You?

Last week, we had a quiz for the lady geeks, and now, fellas, it’s your turn! Time to see which He-Geek TV character you’re most like. Ready? Set? Go!

1. Your favorite pasttimes include:

a)      Gaming, comics, and random science. And gaming.

b)      Watching TV and going to the movies.

c)      Time with your girlfriend, or spending time trying to find a girlfriend.

d)      Science, science, and more science. You don’t have time for gaming.

e)      You have a lot of eclectic interests, but lately, you’ve been planning/prepping for    the zombie apocalypse.

2. Someone in your family keeps eating the last Twinkie. It’s household knowledge that the last Twinkie should be reserved for you. You:

a)      Casually bring up the thefts over dinner.

b)      Watch every TV show and movie you can think of where there was a food thief, and see what pointers you pick up.

c)      Say nothing. Twinkies are hardly worth fighting over.

d)      Say nothing, and use your homemade fingerprint kit to nab the culprit.

e)     Hide a mousetrap in the Twinkie box.

3. You prefer the company of:

a)     Your core group of 4-5 D&D pals.

b)     Your best bud. He’s the only one who gets all your quirky pop culture references.

c)     Your family and/or the way cool neighborhood girl you’re perpetually crushing on.

d)     You’re kind of a loner by choice.

e)     Anyone who doesn’t make you feel like a crazed lunatic because of your idiosyncrasies. You don’t really hang out with just one or two people.

4. What’s on your DVR?

a)     Most of the currently popular shows, a few geeky faves, and NOVA.

b)     What’s not on your DVR? You will literally watch anything once.

c)     You’d rather spend quality time with people than watch TV.

d)     What’s a DVR? You have a hard enough time keeping up with your own imagination!

e)     Survivorman, Stan Lee’s Superhumans, shows about building and construction, and a few episodes of BSG for old time’s sake.

5. What would your autobiography be called?

a)     Of Science and Men (and Gamers)

b)     Diaries of a Pop Culture Vulture

c)     Where the Mild Things Are

d)     A Breathtaking Work of Staggering Genius

e)     A Dance with Dragons

6. Your idea of the perfect date would be:

a)     Dinner, followed by a trip to a museum, and maybe a stop at the comic book store.

b)     Hitting up both an arthouse and a mainstream theater for an indie/big budget double feature.

c)     You carefully plan an evening that allows both you and your beloved to enjoy something you love. The date isn’t just about you, after all.

d)     You don’t really date. At all. But you make an awesome third wheel!

e)     Visiting a state park or nature reserve before taking your date to fencing lessons.

Mostly A’s: You’re a Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory. We all know the guys on Big Bang can be a little cliché at times, but Leonard is always the middle-ground voice of reason, and he manages to be his science-loving self without being a complete neurotic (love ya, Sheldon!). You embrace geek culture, but you’re not afraid to try new things or relationships.

Mostly B’s: You’re an Abed Nadir from Community! A pop culture obsessed dude who lives, breathes, and probably creates movies, you don’t discriminate: you love all forms of media equally, and you appreciate others who do the same. Some might find you quirky, but those who know you know how genuine you are.

Mostly C’s: You’re a George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development. Shy and socially awkward, you generally don’t like to rock the boat. You don’t really stand out, and you don’t really fit it, but you’re cool with that. Your quiet demeanor can both help and hurt your search for the perfect companion—which is important to you, but you have faith, as you should, that you will find ‘the one’ when you’re meant to.

Mostly D’s: You’re a Sherlock Holmes (as played by Benedict Cumberbatch). You have little time for anyone or anything that doesn’t pertain to your work or interests, and that’s just the way you want it. You love science more than most things in life, and you’re a stickler for logic and deduction. Others may not ‘get’ you, but they sure know who to go to when they need help with their homework, or a tutoring session.

Mostly E’s: You’re a Dwight Shrute from The Office, although mayhaps a little less over-the-top. While you’re not necessarily anti-social, you don’t have a core group or posse with whom you hang, but that’s because your interests are varied and a bit on the fringe. You fancy yourself a bit of a ninja, but you’re also down for a prank or two when called for.

Which one are you?

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