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Ryan Gosling Is Joining Clint Eastwood, Madonna, and Mel Gibson in a Very Special Club

Kevin Costner

Starred in: The Untouchables ('87); Field of DreamsDances with Wolves ('90); Waterworld ('95)
Directed: Dances with Wolves; part of WaterworldOpen Range ('03)

Legend has it when director Kevin Reynolds bailed on the sinking ship that was his production of Waterworld, valiant front/fish man Kevin Costner and his grody proto-Jack Sparrow dreadlocks stepped up to the helm. WhileWaterworld barely recouped its losses, it has since become a hallmark of over-the-top '90s action hubris that followed Coster well into his career, including the farmhand feud Open Range. Plus: he just might save the sea IRL, too.

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