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Ryan Gosling Is Joining Clint Eastwood, Madonna, and Mel Gibson in a Very Special Club

Ben Stiller

Starred in: Meet The Parents/Fockers (2000/'04); Zoolander ('01); The Royal Tenenbaums ('01); Dodgeball ('04);Tropic Thunder ('08)
Directed: The Cable Guy ('96); ZoolanderTropic Thunder ('08)

Ben paid his dues the classic way: quirking his way through bit parts on sitcoms and sketch shows until he scored his own series in 1990. Ben's now a comedy juggernaut known for milking cats, stopping bullets with his lusty eyes (lo siento para el espanol), and saving Earth's future from extreme hot/coldness. More importantly, he is the damaged mind responsible for some of the most hyped ensemble comedies of the last decade, including the bonkers 'Nam com,Tropic Thunder.

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